Monsoon 2022 Is At Your Doorstep – 10 Things To Keep In Mind To Prepare For Monsoons

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monsoon 2022

Imagine yourself stepping into a fresh, bubbly, and heavenly home when you come back from the wet outdoors of the rainy moist season. Imagine having a hustle-free, clean, and aromatic home in the monsoon 2022. Imagining won’t do, a fresh home requires a lot of effort. But if your research is up to the mark and all the needs are taken care of, it’s not very difficult to have a very happy monsoon this year.

1. Monsoon 2022 Ready Interior

Give your home a monsoon 2022-ready look by giving it a bright and cool interior. Painting the house a-fresh is not possible every season but getting a pair of bright bed sheets, lively curtains, and welcoming doormats can give the interior a shaky look when the outdoor is dingy. The light color will help you have a jovial touch to the interior of the house.

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2. Pay Extra Attention To Your Furniture

Just like us wood also loves rain and this can damage the furniture, it’s very common to spot fungus and mold attacking the furniture. But worry less and listen carefully, to enjoy the monsoon smartly take some ahead-of-time steps and safeguard your furniture from any damage. Coat your furniture with a layer of wax before the onset of monsoon 2022.

Surprisingly, if you find monsoon 2022 already at your doorstep, in that case, you can be a little more vigilant and protect your furniture by keeping it away from damped walls, floors, and open spaces where rainwater can easily reach.

If the furniture gets splashed with water clean it off immediately with a dry cloth. Keep the cleaning on point, use heavily diluted bleach solutions to clean the house.  Place some camphor or neem leaves under the cushions and inside of the cupboards and wardrobes.

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Your kitchen has everything you need to keep your furniture monsoon ready, use olive oil to wax it naturally, it will nourish the wood. You can use it quarterly to clean and varnish all your furniture. It works great as a shining agent of the wood. When life gives you lemon use it to keep your house super clean, mix some oil or baking soda and give your furniture the gift of newness. It will keep your furniture fresh and monsoon 2022 ready.  

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3.Prepare Well For The Monsoon 2022

Becoming monsoon ready is a time-consuming job, but one got to do it. It is advised to check all drains and pipes before the onset of the monsoon 2022. A clogged drainage system can be the worst night terror for anyone during monsoons. Excessive water can lead to blockage of the drainage system so before things get out of control, we suggest you have a look at it.

Spend some time inspecting your doors and windows, any crack can lead to a miserable experience on windy days. Be it loose hinges or gaps under the door or window flaps, get them repaired immediately.

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Wood tends to swell in the rainy season. Making it monsoon 2022 ready and checking the fault before any trouble is caused. Cover the exterior of your windows and doors with sunshades or awnings which will prevent the water from slashing into your house. 

Insects are another major problem people face during the rainy season, so before these insects find a home in the drainage or under the cabinets, find them and kill them. Keeping your home insect-free is an act one must practice though out the year but during monsoons keep extra precautions to eradicate these tiny people sharing your space.

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4.Open Storage Is The Right Choice

Chop and change the closed cabinets for shoes to an open rack. It will help your shoes dry easily and will reduce the chance of mould and fungal growth.  Or use naphthalene balls or silica gel packets to protect your shoes. Shoes deal the maximum of monsoon 2022, therefore keep extra care of them.

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5.Outdoor Furniture Is An Inside Matter

No material is everlasting, and monsoon can challenge even the best and most natural items equally, therefore don’t forget to make your outdoor monsoon ready. If you have any outdoor furniture made of cane or bamboo then give it a waterproof coating to provide them with more years. Get your metal furniture a coat of care to keep them safe from rusting.

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6.Becoming A Plant Parent Is All About Balance

Yes, plants and rain make the best lovers but some distance is mandatory. Protect your plants from root rot in the season of monsoon 2022. Excess water and strong winds can damage your plants, so pay more attention to your plants and keep relocating them as per their need for sun and water. Regular tilling is important for the soil to breathe and in the rainy season, it becomes inescapable to spend some extra time with your plants because this is the time these green babies grow the best.

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7. Best Host Award Goes To You

Keep sure of having a very efficient and big door mate for people to clean off their shoes properly before entering the house. You can use rubber, coil, or bamboo dormant as they soak up water more quickly than the regular cloth mats. 

The whole point of this exercise is to significantly reduce dirt coming in from outdoors, so if you can add a rug on either side of the doorway, even better!  For a fresh and dry welcome back in the house keep a handy towel at the entrance. This little step can create a comfortable stay for anyone stepping n the house. 

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8.Little-Big Things That Make You Monsoon 2022 Ready

Umbrella is the only superpower one can have on rainy days, but the same umbrella can make the interior of your house messy. Create a safe place for your umbrella instead of bringing it in or spreading it over the floor. Keep it safe and dry for the next use over a hook.  

Be it any season, a heavenly-smelling home is a bliss to step in. But for the monsoon reason, it is important to have your house smell like a fresh breeze. The moisture can set a musty smell; therefore you can use natural oils or candles to provide a magical aroma to the house.  

9.Stock Up The Kitchen Shelves

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A happy tummy is mandatory to deal with the ups and downs of the season. Some days heavy monsoon can lead to curfew.  Therefore, it is recommended to keep your stock full in all manners, even when the roads are busy with traffic or filled with water. You must stay confident of one thing, the snacks that are available in the kitchen. Keep your supplies of fruits, vegetables, groceries, and all the essentials up to the mark.

10. A Place To Enjoy The Monsoon 2022

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And now imagine yourself again setting in a cozy corner, with some hot snacks and tea in your hand, listing to soft music, watching the rain drops fall in a fancy manner. If you are monsoon ready all you need now is a cozy corner for enjoying the monsoon. Select a place that is open and airy but avoid the sprinkle of water. Give yourself the best monsoon memories. Be ready for monsoon 2022. Stay healthy. Stay fresh.

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