Is It India’s Chance To Become A World Superpower? G20 Summit 2023 Will Make Or Break India, Read How

By Ritika Bidawat | 5 min read

G20 Summit

The world of politics is buzzing with the news of the G20 Summit 2023 being held in Delhi on September 9th  and 10, 2023. Whether it is the beautification of Delhi city, the tussle over taking credit between the BJP and the Aam Aadmi Party, or the news of the 20-foot-tall Natraj installation for the event, it is catching the attention of everyone.

G20 Summit 2023
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However, one should not forget the bigger picture of why this event is going to be a historical one not only for India but also for the world.

For those who do not know, the G20 Summit is an international forum for the 20 largest economies in the world’s governments and central bank governors. It was started in 1999 to encourage coordination and cooperation in the global economy.

The leaders representing their respective governments, who happen to be G20 Summit 2023 members, meet annually to discuss a wide range of economic and financial issues, including global growth, financial stability, and climate change.

G20 Summit 2023
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It takes no guesswork to understand that the G20 Summit 2023 is an opportunity for India to showcase that it is indeed a world superpower. The atmosphere is just right for our nation.

Even after the onslaught of COVID-19, our nation’s economy is flourishing, and the recent successful Chandrayaan 3 landing on the moon further cemented India’s place in the world as the leading nation in science and technology.

But. The G20 Summit 2023 is also taking place at a time when the world is turning into a more chaotic place. The major players, like the USA, Russia, and China, are at loggerheads with each other on so many issues at the same time.  And India’s relations are not on good terms with China.

G20 Summit 2023
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So the big question is whether the G20 Summit 2023 is going to be a failure or a successful, unforgettable event where historic decisions will be made, and most importantly, can India leverage this event for its own benefits to the fullest?

The Biggest Challenge: The Increasing Divide In The World

 The world is not a fairytale place where peace and prosperity exist; it has never been like this! Look at the big challenges facing our globe: the Ukraine war, the tension between Russia and the USA, our own border issue with China, or the conflict between the USA and China over Taiwan.

The list is endless. The G20 Summit 2023 is supposed to be a platform where the world’s biggest players come together and communicate. However, this particular aspect is also marred by controversy.

If you are updated on current events, you may have heard that President Putin of Russia and China’s Xi Jinping are not attending the G20 Summit 2023. Both world leaders may connect via video conferencing, but the news of their absence is huge. This news dampens the overall enthusiasm for the event. On the bright side, the US president is going to be in India.

The Ukraine War: The Biggest Boiling Point!

G20 Summit 2023
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Let’s now address the elephant in the room: the Ukraine war. Being an old friend of Russia, India has not fully come out to condemn the war. It will be a big challenge for India to maintain a balance here; it doesn’t want to be seen as a supporter of the Ukraine War and, at the same time, deteriorate its relations with its old friend Russia.

It is the biggest challenge for our nation at this G20 Summit 2023 since the whole West is looking at us and how we approach this situation. The fact that the USA has made a statement specifically targeting Russia shows how big an issue this is for the West.

It says they don’t expect Russia to flip its position on the Ukraine war this year, and any effort to support Russia will not be welcomed. So, if you were in the shoes of a leader representing India at the G20 Summit 2023, this situation could seem like a nightmare. And to add to the misery, the challenges are not limited to this.

Election Year And Opposition Breathing Under The Neck Of The Ruling Party (BJP):

 Between all this global hodge-podge, how can we forget our own Indian political circle or circus (pun intended)? How can we forget it is an election year when things are heating up? The opposition parties have created an alliance called I.N.D.I.A. and are doing everything to dethrone the government.

They are watching every move that the government of India is making and will not miss any opportunity to criticize the government for its incompetence.

G20 Summit 2023
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They want the ruling government to make a mistake and use this G20 Summit 2023 to bring the government’s failures forward. So, the challenges are steep for the ruling party, as they know that the opposition is ready to cash in on the mistakes that will emerge from the failure of the G20 Summit 2023.

But Even After All These Challenges, It’s An Opportunity To Shine

 Even after all these uses and challenges, no one will say that the G20 Summit 2023 is bad for India. Why should it be bad?

Do we need a reminder to realize that India is a rising power in the world economy? It is the world’s third-largest economy by purchasing power parity and the fastest-growing major economy. India is also a major player in the global technology sector.

India’s rise as a world power is due to several factors, including its large population, growing middle class, and economic reforms. India’s population is the second-largest in the world, and its middle class is growing rapidly.

This provides India with a large pool of consumers and workers. We’re one of the few nations that are democratic and have enormous military power.

The G20 Summit 2023 is a perfect platform for India to strengthen its position as the leading voice of importance. It serves as an illustrious stage for India to exhibit its burgeoning economic and political power.

G20 Summit 2023 Delhi: Agenda And India’s Commitments To It

 Between these stated challenges and obstacles, it is easy not to focus on the actual agenda of the G20 Summit 2023. If you are not aware of it, no problem! The G20 Summit 2023 agenda for 2023 is focused on three main pillars: sustainable and resilient recovery, an inclusive and sustainable future, and fair and equitable globalization. India has committed to supporting these goals by promoting sustainable development, fighting climate change, and strengthening global financial stability.

G20 Summit 2023
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The G20 Summit 2023 agenda and India’s contribution may seem uninteresting in light of all the talk of domestic and international unrest, but they have much significance. Here is the snapshot:

  • India’s promise to increase the proportion of renewable energy to 50% by 2030 We have already advanced considerably as a country in this area and are in a good position to do so.
  • In recognition of its contribution to the fight against climate change, India has pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is also significant that India has pledged to reduce its carbon emissions by 30–35% below 2005 levels by 2030.
  • India is committed to doing its bit for the poor nations, as it understands that promoting financial inclusion and access to credit for the poor is significant.

Overall, India’s commitments to the G20 Summit 2023 agenda are significant and will help shape the global

 A Call To Remain United

One thing a true patriotic person will say in this moment of significance is to remain united. Despite the differences, All stakeholders, like political parties, leaders, workers, and even common citizens, must understand that this event can be a watershed moment for our great nation.

It is when the world looks at us and expects us to lead; it is not right to appear weak from the inside. So, everyone needs to come forward and make efforts in whatever way is possible to show India as a true power that is progressive, strong, and able to lead not only itself toward a brighter future but also the globe. So, let’s give a big cheer to the whole G20 Summit 2023 event and pray for its success.

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