Son Of A Rickshaw Driver Discovered 4 Asteroids Orbiting The Earth – Made Everyone Proud

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Aurangabad boy discovered

Aurangabad is known for its historical sites, old caverns, many temples, and gorgeous and ornate mosques. It is most known for being the location of the Ajanta and Ellora Caves. But from now on Aurangabad will be known for a Rickshaw Driver’s son who is getting ready to enter the future of science.

Shreyas, a Rickshaw Driver’s son, has accomplished a great accomplishment in his student life, he has discovered 4 asteroids in space. And believe us he did it while seating in Aurangabad. He has reached a milestone that people take years to reach, spending decades in research centres & reading numerous big books but still failing to achieve.

India is home to many great inventions of the world and many great leaders. The scientific contributions of the country to the world are countless & Indian Scientists And Their Enormous Contributions To Science & Technology Sector are beyond words.

From The Streets Of Aurangabad

Shambhu Singh, an e-rickshaw driver in Patna, and Suryakant, a Hindi teacher at a government school in Aurangabad, never imagined their kid’s name would be given to an asteroid that orbits the Earth. Their son Shreyas has been approached by the NASA team about this finding. The asteroids will now be known as SBC 2331 and SBC 3117.

Harsh and Shreyas B Chandra, both 16, found ten asteroids under the IASC (International Astronomical Search Collaboration). The Rickshaw Driver’s son examined four NASA images, & found the massive stones.

He participated in a research programme thrown out open to the world and found something no one knew existed. The Rickshaw Driver’s son stated that he has a team for this endeavour, which comprises Harsh Alok and Ojas Lutereja. The team members identified seven asteroids, according to the brilliant kid. According to Shreyas, NASA runs such a programme for space enthusiasts, which the team decided to participate in.

the Rickshaw Driver's son
Source – NASA

Following registration, NASA provides a unique application, Astronomica. Where various checks were passed before NASA provides four photos. The pictures were supposed to be examined within 24 hours after registration. The team of these wizards successfully discovered unknown elements of space in the described time & proved their intelligence to NASA.

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Now NASA will regularly follow the faraway planets identified by him for three years, and if those asteroids persist, The kids will receive another certificate from NASA, & it will eventually promise a secure future with an achievement certification at their start.

the Rickshaw Driver's son
Source – NASA

The Rickshaw Driver’s son wishes that the asteroid must be posted on NASA’s website utilising it for various research purposes. He has expressed his gratitude to the team members for their efforts. A good team can lead to greater success than any individual can ever achieve alone and Shreyas give huge credit to his team for his success. He specifically complimented Ojas Lutereja for discovering four asteroids in such a short period of time.

His instructors and parents are indeed overjoyed, and there is an inflow of congratulating individuals at his house as a result of his success. The parents are extremely proud of his interest & achievement in the programme.

Future of The Rickshaw Driver’s son

the Rickshaw Driver's son
Source – Pexels

His achievements clearly say that the Rickshaw Driver’s son aspires to be a scientist in future. Even as a child, He would continuously watch space-related events & showed tremendous interest in astronomical studies. This successful endeavour has increased the chances of Shreyas & his team travelling to NASA in future & becoming successful scientists of the future. The Rickshaw Driver’s son is presently working on his engineering preparations from Delhi. Mad4India wish him all the luck and pray he fulfils all his dreams and creates wonders for the world to watch.

Feature Image – Wikimedia & Pexels

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