Kasar Devi: An  Indian Temple  That Made NASA Curious

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What do you do when you need to find peace and mental stability?

Well, if you ask an Indian (especially the Hindus), they will likely say that they go to the nearby temple.

The great Indian temples are not only revered for their mythological stories and deities but also for the magnificent aura around them. People believe that the temples not only provide peace but also a connection between Man and Nature, where one realizes the cosmic power of nature.

But there exists a temple (Kasar Devi) that shook the NASA scientists with sheer curiosity!

Well, if you are a person who believes in great Hindu mythology and you want to know more about this temple then read on…

About Kasar Devi Temple

This very well-known shrine is located in the hilly areas of Kasar Devi village ( Yes, an entire village has been named after that temple) in Almora, Uttrakhand at an altitude of 2116 meters above sea level.

It is one of the oldest temples located in India as it has been there since the 2nd century and is surrounded by Pine and Deodar trees.

It is believed that the Goddess Bhagwati Durga killed the demons Shumbh and Nishumbh at this holy place.

What Made NASA Curious?

Kasar devi temple
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The Santan Dharma covers many aspects of life, and different Purans and Upanishads talk about the scientific ways of how the power of mother earth helps in healing Mankind.

Kasar Devi temple is one such place that people believe have for magical powers. But there is actually a science behind this and that has got the world-famous astronomical space centre NASA interested in this temple.

The scientists of Nasa in one of their researches found out that there are three spiritual places in the entire world that give mental wellness and healing to mankind through their magnetic fields, and Kasar Devi temple is one of them.

The second one is the Machu Pichu in Peru and the third one is the Ancient Stone Hedge in England.

The Kasar Devi Temple is a part of the well-known Allan belt which has huge electromagnetic particles from the crust of the earth. These magnetic fields have healing powers that help your feel stress-free. This made the NASA scientist curious and they are currently working on finding more about this temple.

How To Reach Kasar Devi Temple?

The temple is around 9 kilometers away from Almora market and 5 kilometers from Tarai Nagri village.

If you love hiking, you can always visit the temple while enjoying the hills. And if you are not that much of a hiker then you can easily book a taxi or rent a car. The whole region of Kumaon is famous for the temple and its scenic beauty, so you are going to love it either way.

You can reach Almora by road from Delhi. If you wish to travel by train, you can get down at the nearest railway station which is Kathgodam. Kathgodam is about 81 km away from the city, and you can easily find public transport or taxis to reach Almora.

The Best Time To Visit

If you don’t mind the freezing weather, the best time to visit Kasar Devi temple is between the months of November to February.

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