This Man Made A Name For Himself From Automobile Scrap – Meet India’s First Car-Artist!!

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India’s first and only platform to promote Automobile Scrap Art

The book “The Art of Restoration” by Himanshu Jangid, ‘Cartists,” of Jaipur, has been launched at the Auto Expo 2023 in Greater Noida. This book will guide all car lovers who want to restore their cars in their garages or want to understand the restoration process. cool, isn’t it?

What is this man doing? So, the well-known artist is giving a new name to automobile scrap. He is making beautiful art out of waste.

Cartists – Car Turned To Art

The first and only automobile scrap art platform in India aims to bridge the gap between the automotive and artistic worlds. The term “Cartist” refers to the emerging trends of automobile scrap as a creative space in our daily urbanizing society.

It is derived from the words “car” (auto, mobility) and “artist” (creative mobility). Cartist is deeply committed to bridging the gap between society, the automobile industry, and those who practise and appreciate art.

In just three years, Cartist has had a significant impact on society by organizing creative events & collaborations to raise public awareness of art and automobiles. Eminent artists and tens of thousands of students attend the annual Cartist Arts Festival in Jaipur to experience automobile scrap art & automobiles.

Cartist regularly plans premier multi-disciplinary arts events. The annual Cartist Yatra, which aims to travel 8100km across India to promote art and cars and impact millions of lives, is another significant and distinctive initiative.  

Automobile Scrap
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Additionally, partnerships with state governments, SIAM, Indian Railways/Metro, Art organizations, and corporations have facilitated numerous initiatives designed to promote both art & automobiles in India.

A million people have seen the new art platform, and nearly 1800 artists have participated in a variety of projects.

Recently, Cartist introduced “Project Rebirth,” a novel innovation that aims to upcycle and sustainably reuse automotive parts by turning scrap cars into furniture and other objects. Cartist intends to open retail locations in a few Indian cities and sell artworks inspired by automobiles online in the near future in order to support artists and develop a skilled labour market.`

Now With A Unique Book

The cover of the book “The Art of Restoration” by Himanshu Jangid ‘Cartists’ of Jaipur, has been launched at the ongoing Auto Expo 2023 in Greater Noida. The cover of his book was launched by Vinod Agarwal, President, SIAM and MD & CEO, Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles Ltd. and Rajesh Menon, DG, SIAM.

The book covers the Restoration procedure of two iconic cars.

Himanshu Jangid, the founder of Cartist, told that the book covers restoring two iconic cars, the Ambassador 1959 Mark II and the Cadillac 1954 Fleetwood 60 Special, and the process is captured in the book “The Art of Restoration.” The book will be launched on the occasion of World Heritage Day on April 18 2023.

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The book will be helpful in increasing the craze of restoration for the new generation.
Himanshu explains that they started this book project to extend the restoration art of classic cars to the new generation. The book will give them accurate information on planning, body panels, mechanical, upholstery, and paint finish subjects.

Source – Facebook

This will help the youth to understand the restoration process in depth. This book will also have stories of the restoration of cars done by Himanshu Jangid in the past.

Know about those classic cars –

ambassador car
The Ambassador has ruled the hearts of every Indian ever since it was first launched in the 50s. It was the first car for many Indian families. For 56 years, this car is still running in India.

Cadillac, famous in western countries for its excellent interior and royal look, was a car that attracted everyone’s attention while walking on the road. The 1954 Cadillac Fleetwood 60; became a symbol of luxury in America and was popular among Hollywood stars of the day.

This book will guide all car lovers who want to restore their cars in their garages or want to understand the restoration process. It is an effort to share the knowledge of managing automobile scrap with the next generation so they can preserve the legacy of the Indian automobile. The book will also feature cars restored by us in the past and automobile art by contemporary artists from across the country.

Brain-Body of Cartist

Source – Instagram

Himanshu Jangid, a Jaipur-based event planner, believes that art is a fantastic way to express ideas and this is his way of talking to people.

Jangid wished to refocus attention on the fundamental components of India—peace, harmony, and unity—through this distinctive initiative.

The Cartist features online workshops, artistic pursuits, conference calls, etc. Cartist also hosts solo exhibitions for emerging artists with the themes of the automobile and sustainability in art in the exhibitions section. Additionally, special installations made out of trash or waste will convey the sustainability message.

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