54 YO Man From Rajasthan Sells Organic Products For Last 20 Years : Cured Blood Pressure & Thyroid At Home

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Organic Products

If somebody had told you 20 years ago that whatever you were eating was not healthy, I am sure that you would not have believed him. Well, it is because, for us, eating homemade food is healthy and enough. But the modern era made us realize that homemade foods can also have categories and how important it is to prioritize a natural and healthy diet.

There is a man who cracked the mantra of a healthy lifestyle in 2003 and started selling organic products in Rajasthan. He took this step when most people were not even aware of it and that was his biggest challenge. Stick to learn more.

Who is Brijraj Gaur

A 54-year-old man from Katavar village in Rajasthan, Brijraj Gaur is a man full of zeal and a hustling spirit in life. Coming from a background where people were so hell-bent on following everything conventionally, Brijraj broke the barrier by producing his organic products. He had his parental land that was put on lease for somebody else to grow crops and vegetables.

Organic Products - Brijraj Gaur
Source : Brijraj Gaur

But this was not a satisfactory thing for him, as many were suggesting that he should utilize his land in a more efficient manner. Growing up in a rural environment, he was always fascinated by healthy lifestyles and eating habits, but modernization made things happen the other way. He and his wife had blood pressure problems and thyroid problems, so opting for an organic lifestyle appeared to him as a life-saving option. That was the moment when he took command of his own land and started producing organic products like Jawar, Bajra, Makkah, etc.

Selling Organic Products since 2003!

Brijraj Gaur started organic farming on his own land in Rajasthan 20 years ago. The initial phase was a bit challenging for him, but slowly he mastered the art of organic farming. First, he used his land to fulfill his family’s need to eat healthily, but later he began mass production of organic products and started expanding the reach by selling in the areas nearby.

Organic Products
Source : Canva

The quality of his products was appreciated a little late in life but as soon as the customers recognized the worth of eating organic, his sales shot up and he opened a store in his village for easy access. Soon, he multiplied the production and expanded his business from selling to nearby stores to shipping through the whole nation. Now he took help from the newly developed technology and has an online selling network with Amazon through which he is selling organic products in the whole of India.

The quality of organic products offered by Brijraj from Rajasthan is undoubtedly the best because evolving over the years, he learned several things, and now he even develops his own compost for the crops.


As every business has its own difficulties, it was not a cakewalk for Brijraj as well. When he had the idea of starting organic farming, people in his village were not even aware of what it was. Spreading awareness about unhealthy eating choices and encouraging people to opt for organic products was a task for him.

1. Organic Products in 2003 was an alien idea

When Brijraj started growing organic products, there were very few people in the market who knew about this method of farming. So, hunting techniques to clarify whether whatever he was doing was correct or not was a task. He had to do everything on his own: research, hunting the raw materials, identifying suitable composts, etc. So, yes, growing organic products in 2003 was an alien idea for Brijraj.

2. There wasn’t awareness about the benefits of Organic Products

In 2003, India was fond of doing things conventionally. So, spreading awareness about the benefits of eating organic products was a task for Brijraj. In the initial 7–10 years, there was not much sale of his organic products because not many knew the benefits of switching to them.

All these challenges might be small in the Gen-Z era but going two decades back in time and then handling all these challenges was quite a task. Brijraj never gave up because he unfolded the idea of continuing a healthy lifestyle and eating organic products. He knew it was a healthy habit for his family, so he continued the production because he believed that someday the world would surely adopt organic products because of the existing benefits.

How Indian Government change things for him?

Brijraj was upset with the minimized sale of his organic products. In 2017, there was an event organized by the Government of India in Udaipur where his decade-old hard work was appreciated and awarded a sum of one lakh rupees. It was then that his sale of organic products flooded the market because people started believing in the benefits of eating organic products.

Organic Products
Source : Canva

Doordarshan also supported his cause and made a 30-minute documentary explaining his hard work and the need to adapt to an organic lifestyle. Both things collectively helped Brijraj grow his sales and expand his business to help provide the whole nation with the benefits of eating fresh organic food.

The spirit proposed by this 54-year-old man is thrilling, as he never gave up his idea of organic farming even after the difficulties he faced in life. Organic products have their own benefits and we all should opt for a healthy lifestyle. Shipping all over India, Brijraj has made access to fresh organic products easier than before. Mad4India supports his initiative and hopes for a healthy and happy India.

Feature Image: Canva, Brijraj Gaur

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