25 YO Left IIT To Start Organic Farming In Gir Forest – Siddharth Lives On A Farm & Grows His Own Food

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The majority of us who live in big cities feel worn out by the hectic pace of city life, the oppressive air quality, the concrete jungle we live in, and the brutal traffic. We have all contemplated abandoning everything at least once in our lives and moving to a remote mountain village or returning to our hometowns. But it’s not really that simple, is it?

However, for this 25-year-old, life became clear when he made the decision to leave the busy, hectic city life behind & move to Gir Forest to start organic farming. Siddharth Kubavat cultivates his own organic food on a farm far from the bustle of the city and now leads a life free of stress and chemicals by practicing organic farming.

The True Enlightenment

While he was growing up in the small town of Junagadh, he had always wanted to crack IIT & become a successful engineer. But in time, he switched from being an IIT aspirant to a humble farmer at a farm in Gir Forest, practicing organic farming. Surprising!

He began getting ready for the IIT very early in his academic career. He spent two years trying to jot down his coursebooks and gain the necessary skills, but he eventually understood that he could not keep squandering even a minute of his life in that manner.

It wasn’t like Siddharth Kubavat gave up on his dream of becoming an engineer, but the fact was, at a very young age, he realised that city life or corporate life is just about earning money that, at the end of the day, you pay off by doing all the bills.

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He thought that these institutions were producing machines rather than people, he wanted to learn how to run a machine, not become one.  

In my opinion, people who live in cities only end up paying bills. Why we make things more difficult than they need to be.

Organic Farming – The Path Less Travelled

Siddharth was consequently left without a passion to pursue once his education was complete.
After deciding against going into engineering, he took a year off to try and figure out what he was truly passionate about. He looked into several programs, but nothing really appealed to him.

Gir Forest organic farming
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He eventually discovered a love for farming and nature. He made the decision to attend a workshop on Organic Farming and soon discovered that there was still much to learn about organic farming.

He discovered that spending time in nature gave him many answers and gave him hope that it might help him in his quest to discover who he truly was. He volunteered for every permaculture and organic farming workshop in India to keep his interest alive.

He became so inspired by the newfound love that he made the decision to turn organic farming into a source of income. As a result, he bought farmland in the Gir Forest in 2020 and started doing organic farming.

Everyone is aware of global warming and the deaths brought on by chemically contaminated food. In contrast to the devils we share our lives with, this young man made the decision to live a healthier lifestyle for himself and those around him. He began by adopting a healthy diet and growing his own food by doing organic farming.

Gir Forest Siddharth Kubavat
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He began Organic Farming, using only naturally produced fertilisers and manure, and he employed clever techniques to develop more goal-oriented organic farming. Siddharth’s smart planting patterns can help anyone grow more food.

He closely observed the needs of all the plants he grew and discovered patterns of their growth. He advises that a farmer must look for and level companion plants, some prefer shade, while others prefer the sun. They could be stacked to save space and give each plant what it needs.

In addition to papaya, mango, dragon fruit, kiwi, and jackfruit, he also grows beans, eggplant, bitter gourd, and other organic and chemical-free fruits and vegetables on his organic farming land. He even grows flowers like roses and marigolds.

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Sidharth rarely buys groceries outside of his home, He in fact promotes organic farming to his neighboring farmers. In order to meet their needs, the local farmers engage in bartering with one another. It is stress-free to live without having to visit a store or the market says Sidhharth.

A New Light To Many

In no time he developed his own home. At the new farm brought by him at Gir Forest, the Joy Jungle he lives a life close to nature in harmony with Mother Earth. More than 36 children have been taught by Siddharth, through more than eight residential workshops on organic farming.

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He hosts a variety of workshops and projects on organic farming geared towards young people. He gives them a tour of organic farming land and educates them on how food is produced. When he first started, the pandemic hit, and temporarily everything went awry. But now, he says, The Joy Jungle is back on course.

In order to help those who want to lead a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, Siddharth offers various workshops on organic farming online while expanding his farm. He has started posting his work about organic farming on Instagram in an effort to reach more young people.

In addition to his growing organic farming endeavors, he is also constructing a mud house. The design is anticipated to be completed by March 2023.

organic farming
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When asked about life on a farm, Siddharth replies, “My life is as beautiful as it gets. I rise with the sun and the sound of birds. I then spend some time outside while savoring a mouthwatering cup of tea using herms I grew practicing organic farming. When you have everything you need right here, why stay somewhere else? Every day is unique and fascinating on the farm. In addition to organic farming, I spend a lot of time just taking in the natural world, observing birds, insects and my plants grow.

When asked if life is difficult on a farm Siddharth had the most satisfactory answer “It’s not at all difficult, in my opinion. All of us are naturally drawn to rural life. We are the ones who built all of these massive machines and structures, complicating our lives in the process.

Follow Joy Jungle on Instagram to see how this young man is demonstrating a more contented, simple, and sustainable way of life and follow organic farming to provide for a happy tomorrow.

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