Top 5 Ed-Tech Startups Of India That Go Above And Beyond Traditional Education

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Students now have access to interactive courses and teaching techniques, all thanks to the advancement of technology in the educational system. More than ever, the Ed-Tech startup industry is booming and achieving new heights every day.

The COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this change by restoring society’s faith that education is not limited to formal classroom settings.

With the rise of technology, e-learning methods are also changing. Also, there was a time when students’ learning was limited to assigned subjects, but with online learning, they can explore and navigate their skills for the better. Being remote allows students and other people the liberty to learn and gain knowledge.

However, a few Ed-Tech Startups go above and beyond; yes, they impact society and establish long-term goals, but they also engage young people in creative activities and train them all at the same time.

Technological development has driven education towards a more holistic environment for students.

Here are 5 Ed-Tech Startups that are grooming youth by enhancing their skills and developing great intelligence.


Every child needs to have leadership skills that will help them achieve their goals and dreams in life. The all-around care and development that go into grooming a child are of the utmost importance.

Bambinos Live is an Ed-Tech startup that offers value-based education to kids and develops skills for growth.

It is a one-of-a-kind learning platform for children aged 4 to 15 years old, founded in 2020 in Bangalore, and offers 40+ co-curricular courses such as creative writing, Bharatnatyam, and many more fun-filled courses.

They have a multi-category learning platform that allows international students to take courses in religious and spiritual notions. Bambinos Live has attracted many international students with its articulated courses.

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Bambinos Live, the Ed-tech Startups has the vision to make children future-ready and maximize their potential. Being a multi-category digital platform, it aims to shape the future of young, bright students.

2. SP Robotics

Ed-Tech Startups
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With the advancement of technology, SP Robotics is leaping to provide a unique way of learning methods in Robotics. It is an online edutainment company that offers experiential learning to students aged 7 to 17 in cutting-edge technologies such as robotics.

On the technical front, SP Robotics is one of the many Ed-tech Startups catering to coding, drones, AI, VR, IoT, and anything else that promotes STEM education via an AI-powered online learning platform.

It has reached a milestone by touching down in more than 10 countries, with 83 branches in more than 23 cities in India. It has also won many prestigious awards.

SP Robotics focuses on real-time concepts and progress, and each student has an AI-enabled platform that guides each student individually.

It is truly astonishing to see the growth of tech startups in India and how they are reinforcing the concept of skill development and knowledge among the students.

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3. FutureWiz

Ed-Tech Startups
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Another Ed-Tech startup that is enhancing mainstream education is FutureWiz. This ed-tech startup is about to revolutionize the Indian VLSI market.

The zeal to train and grow many young aspirants in the VLSI industry has made FutureWiz a remarkable place to execute one’s skill and dedication in the gaming arena.

FuturWiz promises to teach students all the essentials of VLSI, make learning more convenient for them, and equip them to offer top-notch VLSI services. Their institution has grown in stature as one of India’s top VLSI institutes thanks to the necessary industry experience.

FutureWiz is also working to achieve gender equality in educational technology. To read more about this check, check Arti Kishor, the CEO of FutureWiz.

4. Frontrow

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Now, who doesn’t love learning about the creative aspects of art from celebrities? With Frontrow, a creative Ed-tech startup, you can learn from the best artists and layer your skills in the creative field.

On this learning platform, famous people offer courses so that people can learn from the best.

FrontRow provides celebrity-taught sports and art classes along with a community platform that allows students to participate in regular activities, contests, and peer engagement to hone skills and show off talent.

5. QShala 

Ed-Tech Startups
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Another Ed-Tech startup that is pioneering the Indian education system through its online learning and variety of courses is QShala. It is an organization that engages in exciting, curiosity-filled solutions for students and youth.

This Bangalore-based education startup aims to foster life skills and curate lessons and morals that will go beyond education.

Initially developed as an offline platform for students in 2014, Qshala was transformed into an online quiz for families on Sundays during the pandemic.

Ed-tech startups are revolutionizing the Indian education system with their advanced online learning methods and varied courses on different topics. It has made learning easier for students with its curated processes and procedures.

Their vision of enhancing society distinguishes them from other tech companies. Apart from entailing education, they instill morals, values, and lessons and offer creative aspects of courses for the masses.

Mad4India hopes to see more Ed-Tech Startups that aim to shape the nation’s academic reliance.

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