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An IIM-B cohort start-up named Braintastic created by Pankhuri Bindal, a St. Stephen’s (DU) and NMIMS (Mumbai) alum, is an introduction to the new generation marvel.

To maximise your child’s brain’s innate potential during the critical years between 0 and 6, Braintastic has a very useful program for all young parents. They offer parents a thorough course on right brain education to help. you understand and parent your child in a more fun and creative way.

Pankhuri became a mom and with time, she became a mentor mom. Her efforts in understanding her kid made her realize that a child’s right brain will decide what his personality will look like when he grows up. Therefore, in extremely simple and fun ways, she decided to explore it.

With time, she developed very creative yet simple-to-understand card games and puzzles, and by using these creative concepts, she has been successful in teaching children basic skills like language, aptitude, math, and so forth—and the best part is that there is no homework or other assigned work. The innovative right-brain education program by Pankhuri allows parents to spend quality time with their children while helping them grow up better.

Mad4India previously told you about this talented mother mentor and her initiative, Braintastic. However, exploring what goes on inside an entrepreneur’s head is always fascinating, so here is a brief, rapid-fire interview with the founder of Braintastic.

Right Brain Education Programme
Source – Mad4India

What inspires you the most, what keeps you motivated towards this right brain education program?

My inner ambitions always drive me to work hard and dream big. I get excited thinking about the impact that my company can create and is creating.

Any advice you wanna give to the future generation?

It’s a lesson that I’m still learning and that my son keeps teaching me. Kindness and empathy are the qualities which make us human. In the race of achieving and surpassing our competition, we’ve lost touch with the most essential quality of empathizing with our fellow human beings. Take a break and do something for someone else for a change.

What are your hobbies, other than work, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I love to read and I am a regular yoga practitioner. I enjoy setting up learning activities for my son.

Right Brain Education
Source – Pankhuri

What is one piece of advice you wish to give to a young business entrepreneur?

Don’t romanticize your product! You can never achieve the perfect product so start with what you have and validate your idea. 

What excites you most about your industry of Right Brain Education? 

The kind of impact early learning has on small children is amazing. The foundation is set for later years.

What tools and processes make up your workflows?

Canva, Google Office – Make my life easy and manageable at work

What are you currently reading, Any recommendations?

A whole new mind-Why right-brainer will rule the future-An amazing book!

Right Brain Education Programme
Source – Amazon

If you are a newbie at the psychology of the brain, here you go. Explore what exactly is right brain and how your left and right brain function. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyVcON6TfBs

One achievement of yours while working as an entrepreneur that amuses you the most.

During my first stint, I presented to the high-ranked govt. officials about their retired workforce. We had also gotten into partnerships with a lot of govt. bodies.

Describe yourself in three to five words.

Ambitious, Quiet, Bold

Pankhuri Bindal is the creator of Braintastic, a company dedicated to educating young children between the ages of 0 and 6 about developing their right brains. If you are a parent or just by chance a curious student of life, you must read the detailed article covered on braintastic.

learn more about Braintastic over their website:- https://www.braintastic.info/ and understand the art of parenting.

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