To Preserve Dying Rajasthani Crafts This Sister Duo Added Cool Shades To Them – Patwa Art Is Now A Gen Z Thing

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Rajasthan is the land of colourful stories, exquisite attire, dynamic culture, and magnificent jewellery. Nothing can beat the heat of Rajasthani crafts. And that is what caught the eye of these two super-cool sisters. Keeping the colours of Rajasthani crafts as a muse the sister duo discovered an innovative buisness idea called “Ziddi”

Rajasthani crafts
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It was not only the love for Rajasthani crafts but also a concern for their survival that gave birth to “ziddi,” the sister duo became tenacious in saving an entire art form!

Now that’s the kind of story Mad4India likes to narrate.

What Is Patwa Art Form?

A small group in the Pali & Barmer districts of western Rajasthan still engages in the dying thread craft of Patwa, a tribal type of art and Ziddi is on a quest to save the Rajasthani crafts of patwa.

The name “Patwa” is inspired by the Hindi word “pat,” which means silk, and refers to those who deal with silk and cotton thread. According to oral histories, Patwas come from Lord Vishnu’s heart.

There is a mythical tale that states that there was no priest there to officiate the marriage of Lord Shankar & Parvati at the time. Therefore a man emerged from the chest of Vishnu and performed the pooja for the marriage.

Lord Vishnu instructed him after completing the wedding ceremony to make silk thread jewelry as a source of income. They are alleged to have relocated to Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan.

Rajasthani crafts
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But as time went on, the Patwa practitioners discovered alternative sources of livelihood as the public’s interest shifted from traditional to machine-made jewellery.

With only a few families remaining in the Rajasthani crafts of patwa and even fewer scions ready to carry this art on, it is in danger of going extinct entirely.

Rajasthani crafts
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Ziddi Sister Duo

Ziddi was created by sister entrepreneurs Pallavi and Malvika Lalwani in Delhi. The sisters’ familial roots in Rajasthan’s Barmer district and the wonderfully worn-out characteristics of the state inspired Ziddi.

The company carefully collaborates with the kaarigars in Patwa to re-learn the techniques of weaves from the elders and perhaps eventually build a new weave for the modern era via ethical empowerment.

Rajasthani crafts
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What is ShopZiddi?

Successful architect Pallavi makes use of her understanding of shape, materials, and space, while NIFT alumna Malvika applies her design expertise to transform it into a wearable work of art.

The sisters combine their creative talents to create handcrafted, sustainable, and one-of-a-kind objects utilising diverse Indian crafts, drawing inspiration from the colours, traditional arts, and antiques of the hamlet where they were raised.

Rajasthani crafts
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Ziddi provides four collections with a wide range of accessories, including odhanis, ceramic necklaces, bun sticks, chokers, and purses (scarves). Elegant gold necklaces, rings, and ear cuffs can be found in “Zar,” and vibrant threadwork and tribal patterns can be found in “Siwana,”.

Intricate yarn is used to create intricate patandis and earrings in “Timeless Threads,” and the collection “Chuski” is inspired by the colours and flavours of chuskis and golas (ice pops) in an Indian summer.

Shopziddi Crafts Private Limited was established on January 21, 2020. It is a private limited company with its headquarters in Delhi. Its entire paid-up capital is INR 1 lac, and its authorised share capital is INR 5 lac.

Rajasthani crafts
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Why Shop Handmade?

Handmade is a celebration of being rooted in our culture, customs, and influencing the lives of the regional artisans while yet being able to satisfy contemporary buyers. Buying handcrafted items is a big step towards a brighter future. Ziddi’s aims are crystal clear, and they explain to us why it’s important to support handcrafted goods.

Rajasthani crafts
Source – ShopZiddi

1. Handmade is sustainable:

2. Handmade is unique:

3. Handmade supports local artisans/traders:

4. Handmade is forever:

5. Handmade is thoughtful: 

6. Handmade is made by real people:

7. Handmade keeps craft skills alive:

8. Handmade gives you a unique identity:

With a very original, colourful, and fashionable idea, the sister duo has not only established a successful business but also contributed to the survival and reintroduction of the Patwa Rajasthani crafts to the world from a fresh angle.

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