Top 5 Entrepreneur Power Couples Of India That Blossomed Both In Love And Professional Lives

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Behind every successful man, there is a strong woman.” 

In fact, it is true that every successful person has a progressive, encouraging partner who not only stands by them but also serves as their pillar of support. The cutest thing ever is a power couple that defends each other against all odds, all monsters.

Today, we’re sharing the inspiring stories of 5 power couples who succeeded in life by lending support and strength to one another.

Who Is The Wife Of Alakh Pandey ?

Source – Instagram

Shivani Dubey, the wife of Alakh Pandey, has recently made headlines for being one of the most uplifting partners. The love story of Alakh Pandey and the to-be wife of Alakh Pandey is already creating a buzz, as they are going to marry each other this March.

Alakh Pandey frequently discusses his romantic relationships on social media or with his students; in fact, it is obvious that this man wears his heart on his sleeves.

Alkah Pandey found love in the most unlikely of ways. He has always been a talented person, but it was his partner who actually saw his gifts and inspired him to make a profession out of it. Alkah started his YouTube channel after hearing the advice, and the rest, as we all know, is history.

The wife of Alakh Pandey, Shivani Dubey, is a breath of fresh air in the life of this well-known businessman. Shivani Dubey assisted Alakh Pandey in forming The PhysicsWallah, a $1 billion company.

Avimee Herbal – 85-Year-Old Power Couple Became Each Others Support

Power Couple
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Radhakrishna and Shakuntala Choudhary, partners for life, decided to become partners in business, and wonders came running down their doorsteps.

This power couple from Surat, Gujarat, joined hands to find solutions for their daughter’s dull, lifeless hair, and they ultimately launched a homegrown company called Avimee Herbal.

The two started the business with the goal of providing toxic-free hair oil to help people who struggle with poor hair quality in an organic way.

The two used cold-pressing techniques to create the hair oil Avimee Herbal. Instead of using artificial sweeteners, they use more than 50 herbs that are infused in cold oil, including sesame, coconut, and olive. They use essential oils in their Avimee Herbal products as well.

Due to Radhakrishna’s drive to achieve the seemingly impossible and his partner’s support throughout his journey, the couple has become a legendary couple who not only serves as an inspiration to us but also set a new standard for post-retirement plans.

To motivate this power couple, you can buy their products from their Amazon Store.

SJ Organics – Husband Left His Job To Support His Wife’s Dream; They’re Now Valued At Rs. 10 CR.

Power Couple
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Although there are many ways to support your partner – you can be there for them physically, emotionally, or financially. But this couple is establishing new standards for love for all of us.

Sana Khan from Meerut launched her very own vermicompost company, SJ Organics. Their vermicomposting business is now valued at 10 crore rupees.

Sana’s husband, Syed Akram, who not only co-founded the vermicompost company but also oversees its marketing division, is the wind beneath her wings.

He made the quick decision to leave his well-paying position at a pharmaceutical company in order to support Sana with her new venture.

On the advice and support of her husband, Sana launched her company in 2014. She purchased 1.5 acres of farmland in Meerut to start her vermicomposting project there. She had no prior experience in agriculture and had to learn everything from scratch.

However, it was her partner’s unwavering support that helped this venture succeed and pave the way for more in the future.

To motivate this power couple, you can buy their products from their Amazon Store.

MamaEarth – India’s First Toxin-Free Beauty Brand: From Facing Failures Together to Going Unicorn

Power Couple mamaearth
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MamaEarth has a net worth of about 142 crores of rupees. In 2016, Varun and Ghazal Alagh, a power couple founded MamaEarth.

It is the first beauty company in Asia to use MadeSafe-certified products and materials.

Many people worry about using harmful products around their families and themselves. MamaEarth was founded as a result of Alagh’s idea to take action in this regard.

Ghazal was worried that she wouldn’t be able to find any secure baby care items in India when she became pregnant with her first child. But they weren’t the only ones who wanted safe products for their kids. And yet the market was short on this supply.

The couple established their own business to give consumers a secure option for skin care products, and with each other’s support and motivation, the couple made their name in the list of Unicorns.

To encourage this power couple, you can buy their products from their Amazon Store.

Together, They Started Changing The World For The Better, Meet The Couple That Recycles 10,000 Tons Of Waste Each Month

Through waste recycling, this power couple is assisting farmers. Meet Vishnu Vardhaan and Divya Shetty, who operate three startups by recycling waste and assisting farmers in making a living!

As a poor farmer, Divya’s grandfather committed suicide during the great famine in the south. Vishnu Vardhaan, a native of Chennai, was also affected by the farmer suicides.

At a Bengaluru gathering for farmers, Divya met Vishnu Vardhaan. In 2019, the couple got hitched.

When they discovered that they were both struggling with the same kind of agony and pain, the couple came to each other’s rescue and, along with it, to the rescue of many farmers who suffer from the informal system of this sector

They subsequently worked together to co-found the lucrative startups Indian Superheroes, Pepaa, and Cercle X.

The desire of this couple to grow as a community and learn continued. The couple has launched numerous businesses that promote natural health, an eco-friendly lifestyle, climate change, and much more.

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