Finally, Online Speech Therapy Is Now Accessible To All ” Tears Of Happiness In A Mother’s Eye” Is What Keeps This Young Therapist Motivated

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online speech therapy

Online speech therapy is something unexceptionally new for the Indian audience but still with a lot of struggle and dedication this young therapist has made her way through all the odds. It is definitely not easy to mould the minds of the Indian crowd into something new and not so very ordinary.

The concept of speech therapy is new in itself, in a country where only physical illness is something worth the time and money. Concepts like psychological therapy, speech, and personality therapy still take the back seat. With the concept so new and unique she added one more extra-unique tint to it making the speech therapy course online.

Understand What Is Online Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is a type of intervention that focuses on enhancing a child’s ability to communicate verbally and nonverbally and understand and use language. These services are offered by speech pathologists, also known as speech therapists (SLPs).

Our today’s story is about one such online Speech Therapy who thought of providing a new angle to the whole therapy concept, Ms Sanya Modi a young girl of just the age of 27.

Online speech therapy
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Sounderic: The Revolutionary Idea In The Field Of Online Speech Therapy

The goal of Sounderic is to offer the most effective, evidence-based speech and hearing care possible. Their goal at Sounderic is to enable every patient to realise their greatest potential. Children and adults with speech and hearing difficulties can receive speech therapy services. Family members of the participants play a crucial role in this therapy’s teamwork. As mentioned by Ms Sanya Modi,

We are eager to make a positive impact on your life!

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She Fought The Conventional Ideas Thrown At Her As Soon As She Planned To Join The Medical Line

As I started preparing for my medical entarence exam and like most students was faced with many options. Medical science is a vast field, finding my Niche was a big achievement as well as struggle for me. I thought of exploring my interest towards Speech therapy but my father told me to join Dental instead of something so out of the way

As it is a well-known fact that Indians have a rigid structure when it comes to education and employment in the country. Many youngsters in and around your life are live examples. You too might have faced it at some phase in your life. Her family tried to make her understand & choose a conventional, more practised and easy-to-follow path in life but Sanya was a determined explorer.

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Sanya Modi was inclined towards the field of Speech therapy and with time she developed a bond with the subject. She got firm and dedicated towards her passion as she dug more into it. Her passion for the subject was something that gives her the energy to move forward with.

A new Journey- During And Post Pandemic

A little girl born and brought up in Indore soon left for Bombay to live her dream of being a pathologist and soon became one.

She continued her further studies at the Ali Yavar Jung National Institute of Speech and Hearing Disabilities (Divyangjan) in Mumbai. After post-graduation, she also gained experience of 1 year in a special school and various pathologists clinics. Everything was going smoothly.

Life has many googlies to throw at you and yet another googlie was thrown at her, the pandemic happened. The pandemic made significant changes in our lives so did it in hers. When everything was going well, the pandemic happened and everything again went to zero and this well-settled girl was sent back to her hometown Indore.

Pandemic was sick, but what in life is not. Infact it marked a new journey of my life!

Clueless like everyone else yet not demotivated Sanya continued to work for her patient in Mumbai from home. She started taking online speech therapy for kids and adults. It was a little inconvenient at the start but with time she got the grip of it.

This striked me with a new idea, and SOUNDERIC – an Online Speech Therapy programme was born.

Sounderic- Speech Therapy Online

Meeting the world through a screen was something we all were exploring at the start of the pandemic. Sounderic was a screen baby. Online Speech Therapy which is an online/virtual medium for providing treatment sessions is the whole idea behind Sounderic. At Sounderic, they use the latest evidence-based methods for speech therapy. They have speech therapists specialised in the disorders working with patients.

I thought like maybe this is the time that I explore more. Online Speech Therapy was still unexplored but someone had to do it anyways. I decided it to be me.

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This determined girl was in love with what she did but there was a hidden entrepreneur sneaking out of her dreams. With the struggles of a full-time job Sanya still wanted to do something of her own.

I belong to a family where self build men are my role models. My father and my brother have their own buiness and I was always fasinated to do something of my own. I was really happy to work for the company I was already working for and the idea of Soundric was a side hussle.

She started to work on the website of Sounderic by herself and around April 2021 she realised that it is the right time to give full attention to her own venture. That is when Sounderic got a full-fledged rise. She started working on her passion like a mother caring for her child’s growth, keeping each aspect of the startup up to the mark.

Struggles Are A Part Of Growth

Not many people in India were aware of Speech Therapy Online, even I haven’t had heard anyone doing it yet but with time the process started becoming very interesting for me.

Spreading awareness is a big task. As and when you decide to choose a new path in our country the biggest struggle is to spread awareness and convenience the beneficiary. Her clients were happy with what she could do but the idea of taking therapy online was not very appealing to them, only until they really started doing it.

What Motivates You And Keeps You Going?

The tears of joy in the eyes of a mother who has already lost the hope that her child will ever speak and then when she hears the first word from her children’s mouth. That smile, those tears keeps me motivated and give me a sense of satisfaction.

Sanya shared with MAD4INDIA that the feeling of gratification is supreme. It is so satisfying to see so many people especially from remote areas take interest in online speech therapy activities. With her initiative, she has made it possible for each individual in the country to take the much-needed speech therapy.

Offline V/S Online Therapy Sessions

There is not much of a difference, both are equally effective. The tools and techniques all remains the same. Online therapy is rather more convenient for the beneficiary as it reduces the travel that is quite hectic for people with autism. It is also easy for children as the new generation is more fond of screens and animations.

There are several benefits of online therapy sessions to name some, online sessions add consistency to the schedule as their hours are flexible and one can take the session according to their convenience. Moreover, both Online and Offline Therapies are equally effective.

Ways You Can Connect To This Idea And Can Also Seek Help If Needed

SOUNDERIC is A Billion Dollar Business Innovation That Is Bringing Change In Speech Therapy, in the rapid-fire interview with Sanya mentioned how she enjoyed the whole process inch by inch.

You can connect to them through their official website Sounderic and can also book a consultation on it. Facebook and Instagram are social media platforms where Sounderic is active. They also have a Facebook group for parents from all across the world where they share tips and resources for speech therapy.

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