Mother Of 2 Discovered Unique Handcrafted Products For The Modern Era – ‘Darries’ With A Twist!

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Handcrafted Products

Isn’t it true that handcrafted products are always a perfect road to a person’s heart? No matter what age we enter or how much modernization we adapt, something handcrafted always has a special meaning attached to it. Here’s a brand, Boriya Basta, valuing the emotions of local artisans and promoting the beauty of handcrafted products in the modern era. They not only preserve the emotions of the cultural artistic community but also use the age old techniques for their production like Kilim and Panja Knitting.

Handcrafted Products
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Now most of us are not very aware about Kilim and Panja Knitting so stick around to know more about it!

The mastermind behind Boriya Basta – Deepika Nigam

Deepika Nigam is a graduate of National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi. Right after the completion of her education, she began working in the carpet industry. Continuing for years, she realized that cotton as a fabric was not much explored in the industry and rather we should say that products made out of pure cotton were way too expensive. The original old-age panda knitting technique of weaving artistic materials was also fading away making artisans lose their heritage and traditional practice of earning. So giving thought to both problems, she decided to start her venture.

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Always the excited kid for all the craft activities, Deepika enjoyed exploring the hidden villages of India with rich artistic history and she found Sitapur, near Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. She found that the artisans from Sitapur were still working with cotton as their star raw material. So with the idea of revealing their hidden practice of age-old weaving technique, she collaborated with them and shared a fair deal of business by helping them earn a better livelihood and preserving the fading panda knitting technique. 

What is Boriya Basta (Reviving the age-old technique)

Handcrafted Products
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Boriya Basta is a destination for bohemian and ethno-fashion accessories. Crafting magic with local artisans, this brand offers a variety of handcrafted products for clothing, jewelry, and home decor. All handcrafted products at Boriya Basta are a unique and fine work of craftsmanship and Deepika with her brand is on a journey to discover the cultural threads of hidden Indian crafts. Their products are environmentally friendly as well as economically feasible.

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Reviving the panda knitting technique of weaving artistic creativity, Boriya Basta is not all that shines and brings like most of the established brands. It believes in reviving the age-old techniques so that the Indian culture stays even after all the stages of modernization. Panja Knitting is a popular technique of crafting sweaters from our grandparent’s generation which was fading away. This brand uses it for crafting amazing lifestyle and handcrafted products like cushion covers, dining sets, rugs runners, etc.

Kilim - Handcrafted Products
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The founder believes we should adapt to new things but never let go of who we truly are. Supporting the local artisans of Uttar Pradesh, they curate fine handcrafted products out of cotton having a variety for all kinds of aesthetics. They use another age-old kilim technique of flat weaving tracing its origins to regions including the Middle East and Central Asia and the variety of beautiful Kilim Kolhapuri Chappals and other handcrafted products provided by them is proof that ‘old is still gold’.

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Starting small Boriya Basta always focused on the quality of their products and their hard work was appreciated loudly when one of their Kolhapuri chappal was worn by Sonam Kapoor for the movie ‘Padman’.

Cotton Yarn – A sustainable choice for handcrafted products

Handcrafted Products
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One of the main ideas of this brand is sustainability as it understands the environmental impact of sustainability and the need for support environment-friendly products. By utilizing cotton yarn as a raw product, they not only create a sustainable lifestyle and handcrafted products but also contribute to a more reliable textile industry. Making a strong aura in the industry, this brand’s unique idea was appreciated by so many including Bollywood stars.


The modernization era is leaving behind the raw gold of the local India and there is a need for more such entrepreneurs who dig deep into the history and renew the hidden techniques. Boriya Basta, started by a mother of twins, redefines the Indian culture with the help of experienced artisans. Crafting amazing lifestyle and handcrafted products, they set an example that India’s ancient techniques are way better and more reliable than the modern machines. Keeping everything in mind they provide such beautiful products at a low price which attracts the customers a lot.

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Growing itself and pulling the local artisans towards a successful journey, is always a hustling day for this unique venture. If you want to stay local yet discover beauty in your own way, visit their website and Instagram. We are sure their collection of handcrafted products has something to match the vibe and aesthetics of your home.

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