She Invented Revy Environmental Wastewater Solutions In A Hospital Bed, Inspiring Story Of Dr. Vanita Prasad

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Water is necessary for our survival and day-to-day activities. In India, every household uses more than 250 liters of water daily. A large amount of water gets wasted every day. Treatment of wastewater is a problem in the country. Today’s motivational story is about a start-up known as Revy Environmental Solutions. The business start-up is a solution that provides resolution for untreated and wastewater.

Education, Scholarships and Love for Science

Vanita Prasad is the mind behind the success story of Revy Environmental Solutions. She completed her Ph.D. in Biotechnology from the Department of Biotechnology and Central Scientific Industrial Research. Vanita was a bright child in academics from a very young age. She got her first scholarship when she was in class 5th. Vanita got many scholarships until she finished her Ph.D. Vanita mentioned, “I grew up in a conservative Punjabi family. I had to work very hard if I wanted to pursue higher education. When I received the scholarship, I proved my abilities, and my family then supported me to pursue higher education.”

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Wastewater Management

As a Biotechnologist, Vanita used to study different allergies and diseases in the human body. She realized that instead of studying various allergies, it was necessary to research the root causes of those problems. Vanita mentioned, “The reason behind most of the diseases are poor sanitation, untreated wastewater, and lack of drinking water.” Vanita switched her Ph.D. to study wastewater management. She attained two patents for improving the conventional process of bio methanation (converting gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide into methane.)

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Research on Wastewater Management

After getting married, she did a full-time job as a lecturer at Vidyanagar College and The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. But the problem of wastewater management kept worrying her. As a mother and grandmother, she wanted her family to stay safe. Most sewage and industrial effluents go directly to the river water untreated. The rivers become polluted and harm the health of people and animals.

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Vanita met with an accident and fractured her spine while working as the head of research and development at Paramount Limited, an environmental consultancy firm. She used this time to study wastewater treatment and successfully gathered 650 different microbes required for efficient degradation of any biological material into methane, which can be used as biogas. 

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Project Submission

She submitted her project idea to BIRAC’s flagship program, the Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) Scheme. The project laid the groundwork for Revy Environmental Solutions. Later, two other male co-founders joined her. Vanita is a perfect example of woman empowerment. She mentioned, “most existing wastewater treatment plants consume high energy and have high operational costs. Our project focuses on treating water through anaerobic digestion, a natural way of cleaning biodegradable waste.”

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Revy Environmental Solution Wastewater Treatment

Vanita also mentioned, “Initially nobody took my start-up idea too seriously. It was when male members joined the company as co-founders people took me seriously. Women empowerment is important for the welfare of the society.” Revy Environmental Solutions microbial consortia can be added to any anaerobic reactor that wastewater treatment plants. It will act as a catalyst to treat the water at a higher loading rate which allows direct use for irrigation purposes and energy recovery along the wayThe start-up is addressing and dealing with wastewater management, which is an important issue. Mad4India wishes Revy Environmental Solutions all the best in all their future endeavors!

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