Ronita Krishna Sharma Rekhi – A brave woman who volunteered to breastfeed infants who lost their mother to Covid-19

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Ronita Krishna Sharma Rekhi

When India is struggling with the second wave of Covid-19, Ronita Krishna Sharma Rekhi, a woman in Guwahati, has taken up a beautiful and praiseworthy initiative. She has volunteered to breastfeed newborns whose mothers have tested Covid-19 positive or have passed away because of this deadly disease. We, the people at Mad4India, are at a loss for words when we try to appreciate her beautiful initiative.

It feels so good to know and see people coming forward in this dire time of need and being there for each other. These brave people are working for a better India and helping India get well soon. People like Ronita are best described as superheroes.

Ronita Krishna Sharma Rekhi – Our Inspiration, Our superhero,

Ronita is the mother of a 2-month-old daughter and a Mumbai-based celebrity and production manager. Having her roots back in Guwahati in Assam, she went back there for her child’s birth. She gave birth to a beautiful and extremely adorable baby girl on 10th March and named her Alaya, which means dwelling abode.

Ronita Krishna Sharma Rekhi
Image Source – Twitter

Ronita Krishna Sharma Rekhi’s – Reason For Starting This Initiative

Because of this deadly virus, several babies are starving. These young babies aren’t getting proper nutrition as their mothers have tested positive. Many kids have lost their mothers to Covid-19 too which is heartbreaking to even write it down. I hope these little ones stay safe and grow up to be amazing human beings. Because of mothers testing Covid-19 positive, these children are being synthetically fed for their nutrition.

Ronita Krishna Sharma Rekhi saw a post on social media of someone requesting mother’s milk for a Delhi-based woman as the mother had tested positive for Covid-19. And that was when she thought she could do something.

Ronita Krishna Sharma Rekhi
Image Source – Facebook

A Few Words From Ronita Krishna Sharma Rekhi

In an interview, Ronita Krishna Sharma Rekhi said that it is the least she could do for our country in this crucial time. Seeing the citizens of our country helping the people in need, she did the same. She served as a nursing mother. She requests other lactating mothers to join the initiative and be the angel in disguise for the children who need mother’s milk. Being the compassionate person she is, Ronita Krishna Sharma Rekhi wants every newborn to be with their mother, in their comfort and care always.

She also prays for this pandemic to end as soon as possible so that every pregnant woman and new mother can enjoy the beautiful and memorable journey of motherhood without worrying about any other thing.

She felt happy to see that her little initiative has inspired many new mothers. She received a well-deserved appreciation for her work as well. Being Ronita’s biggest cheerleader, her husband supported this initiative throughout. It also makes us happy to know that many mothers have appreciated her thoughtfulness and compassionate nature.

Ronita Krishna Sharma Rekhi
Image Source – Facebook

Ronita Krishna Sharma Rekhi has reached out to people through her social media platforms. She had updated on her social media handles that if any newborn needs breast milk, then she’s just one call away. As she is in Guwahati currently, she can extend her help in that area only.

Despite that, we would say that she’s doing a great job. She captioned the post as, “Only for Guwahati as I live here. If any newborn needs breast milk I’m here to help. This is the least I can do.” We, the people at Mad4India, feel proud of her. More power to you Ronita Krishna Sharma Rekhi.

Ronita Krishna Sharma Rekhi
Image Source – Twitter

To know more about Ronita Krishna Sharma Rekhi, please check–Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube.

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