Paawak Foods By Kaushal Dongre Is Revolutionizing The Jaggery Market With Its New And Unique Products

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Paawak Foods

Who doesn’t love sweet? But, too much sugar intake can lead to health issues. 

Indians love sweets. They need an occasion to celebrate with a plate of desserts and devour in one go. But, health hazards also come with it. 

Well, to your rescue comes jaggery. That is healthier and tastier than sugar. Jaggery is a far better option than refined sugar. It can also play an active role in improving health issues. 

Maharashtra’s Paawak Foods has created a distinct brand of jaggery. Paawak food is the fastest-growing company aiming to boost the natural jaggery brand. 

It is a brand that bolsters to bring a change in the jaggery market with new and unique products with their Paawak (P) technology. 

Mad4India brings an inspiring and ever-changing story of a brand aiming to cut-down sugar with its healthier and tastier jaggery products. 

How Paawak Foods were born

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Paawak Foods was co-founded in 2014 by Kaushal Dongre. He is a Commerce and Law graduate from Mumbai University. Being an enthusiastic learner, he didn’t wish to go for a corporate job but wanted to start a business. 

Though, his family was skeptical about his decision. Kaushal’s few ventures failed, but he didn’t lose hope and faith. 

His life changed when he met his mentor, Dr. Prabodh Halde, Ex-President of AFST (India). Who motivated him to start an agro-food business. 

It was Dr. Prabodh Halde who stated that he innovate something unique and create something exceptional from the jaggery brand. This way, he will fulfill the goals of his entrepreneurship, and he will help bring a change in society with his new creation.

After conducting a detailed consumer survey, he figured that the unhygienic packaging of jaggery and the inconvenient size of the jaggery block were the major concerns for the public. 

Paawak Foods was born, and for the first time, it introduced small jaggery powder, which was more convenient to use and was healthier and tastier than refined sugar. 

Paawak Foods tried to resolve the issues of the consumer concerning jaggery and gave them a resolution that could improve their lifestyle for the better. 

Kaushal Dongre’s Paawak Foods approached to bring chemical-free jaggery with proper and hygienic jaggery, avoiding adultered consumption, and giving the consumer priority-based product, resolving all their issues. 

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Soon, Paawak Foods came in contact with the AFST team, food scientist teams, and other elite teams that connected dignified scientists and personalities that gave their technical inputs and knowledge to make the company better and solutions to overcome the hurdles. 

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The first patent of Paawak Foods came in 2014 for the cube jaggery. It was also the year the company came into existence. Today, it has two patents in one single-design application. 

Paawak Foods empowering farmers

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Apart from the reason of Paawak Foods to boost a hygienic and healthier jaggery product. Its primary aim was to empower the farmers and make India self-dependent and seek to help farmers in every way.

Over the years, Paawak Foods has brought immense change in farmers’ lives. It has transformed the lives of farmers by giving them reasonable prices for their products and made a positive impact on 150 small manufacturers of the Karad and Kolhapur region with their training and technology. 

Paawak Foods produce fresh and healthy jaggery product from organic sugarcane using therapy-making jaggery powder, which is a good alternative in place of sugar.

Paawak Foods is also the first jaggery brand in India to provide jaggery in cube-form that is hygienically packed in jars. 

With the Paawak (P) technology, Paawak Foods has devised a solution for jaggery products. Jaggery is a seasonally bringing. It uses advanced food processing techniques without indulging in any chemicals. 

Paawak Foods has stepped into the consumer game and has promised healthy and tastier jaggery products. At present, it has sold up to 250 tons of jaggery.

We need more entrepreneurs like Kaushal Dongre, who are impacting society for the better and are guiding them to live a healthy lifestyle by adopting healthy food habits. 

Paawak Foods organic jaggery is good for health. It is exponentially growing in the domestic market is all set to eye the international markets.

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