Kiara Kaur – An amazing story of a 5-year-old Indian-American girl who sets a world record for reading 36 books in less than two hours

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Kiara Kaur can be called a super bookworm, considering the number of books she read in two hours. Her love for books has become the talk of the town. It makes us so proud to write this article about her.

Ever since social media has come into existence, there has been a decrease in the number of people reading books. Nowadays, children are mostly found playing games on mobile phones or scrolling through social media during their leisure time. The habit of reading is slowly disappearing, and it’s high time that children take up the habit of reading.

Kiara Kaur – Child Prodigy

Books are Kiara’s best friend. Her boundless love for books has led her on the way to set a unique world record. The World Book of Records termed Kiara Kaur as a child prodigy.

Her name entered the London World Book of Records and Asia Book of Records for reading 36 books without a break for 105 minutes, almost around 2 hours. She has stunned the world with the record she has set. It’s just unbelievable and praiseworthy.

Kiara Kaur became an avid reader at a very young age. Kiara Kaur, an Indian-American girl, lives in Abu Dhabi with her family.

The most interesting thing is that she can read anywhere, anytime, be it restroom, bedroom, or in a car while traveling.

One of her nursery school teachers noticed Kiara Kaur’s passion and love for reading, while she was reading with full concentration at the school library.

Kiara and the Interview Sessions with Channels

In an interview with one of the Hindi news channels, she said that reading is the absolute form of enjoyment for her, and it brings her immense happiness. This little girl also said that books can be carried anywhere, anytime but the only problem is reading on phones or watching a video as it becomes inaccessible with no internet connection.

As known from the interview, Kiara enjoys reading books that have colorful pictures and big texts. Some of her most favorite books are Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, etc.

As told by her mother in the interview, Kiara inherited this habit of reading from her grandfather, who used to tell her stories on WhatsApp calls for hours. Her grandfather played a significant role in Kiara’s upbringing and developing the habit of reading.

Kiara has read around 200 books last year and every time she runs out of books, she prefers re-reading the old books.

Kiara wishes to grow up to be a doctor and her parents will be her strongest support system for anything she wishes to pursue as her career.

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