Hemant Soren, Chief Minister of Jharkhand, Appreciates Kamdev Pan for Designing Cost-Effective Electric Bike

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The prices of petrol and diesel are increasing day by day causing trouble to the common people. Additionally, Petrol and Diesel are non-renewable sources of energy that are getting used up at a fast rate. Kamdev Pan, a young scientist from a village of Jharkhand, invented a battery-run bike. It solves the problem of the common people and will save the sources of non-renewable energy as well.

Early Life and Education

Kamdev Pan was born and brought up in a small village Basur Da that lies in the Kharsavan district. Kamdev’s father is a vegetable seller in the village. He finished his schooling at Utkramit Vidyalaya and matriculation from Hatha village. At the age of 16, Kamdev turned his bicycle into a motor-driven one. Since then, his interest in innovation has increased.

Kamdev Pan
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Invention of a Battery Rikshaw

Kamdev is not an engineer by profession but his passion for various electronic devices has inspired him to invent various things. Apart from designing a cost-effective battery-run bike he has invented other things as well. He made a rikshaw for physically challenged people that run on battery.


It took two years for him to design the bike that operates on a battery. Kamdev shifted to Jamshedpur and rented a room. He worked on his battery bike in that room. He tries to create his different innovations living there. Kamdev works in a mobile shop and saves his salary to work on different innovation ideas.

Features of the cost effective Battery Bicycle

The bike is cost-effective and eco-friendly. The bike currently may cost approximately up to 34,000 rupees. Once charged, the bike can cover a distance of 50-60 kilometers easily at a speed of 35 km per hour. Even if the battery runs out of battery any person can pedal it and take it further. It provides the function of a bike and a bicycle. Additionally, the battery automatically gets charged through pedaling. The bike is modern with all the latest features.

Kamdev Pan
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Made in Jharkhand

Kamdev has received various job offers from different automobile companies to work with them. Kamdev prefers to work alone. He wants to make devices that are exclusively ‘Made in Jharkhand.’ He wants his innovations to be cost-effective and beneficial to the common people.

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Appreciation for Work

Kamdev Pan also met the Chief Minister of Jharkhand, Shri Hemant Soren. The chief minister appreciated Kamdev for his innovation and praised him. The bike can be manufactured at a more cost-effective price if some company decides to invest in it.

Kamdev Pan
Image Source – Facebook


Kamdev Pan wishes to manufacture electric bike on a large scale. He wants to make transportation easier and cost-effective for the people of Jharkhand. He is determined towards his goal and hopes to design many more such devices for the welfare of others.

To know more about Kamdev Pan, please check- Facebook and Instagram.

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