Blissful Fame – Meet 5 Indian Celebrities Who Believe In Giving Back To The Society!

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Indian celebrities

In a nation where our Indian celebrities promote hazardous products openly. A lot of them don’t hesitate to flaunt their lavish lifestyle. And while living this extravagant life most of these Indian celebrities are not worried about the social welfare of the people and the society that made them big.

In this current race, there are still a few Indian celebrities who are conscious of their actions and going out of their way to protect the people of our country from disasters which took place in their lives. From running NGOs to educating the masses for a healthier and greener environment. Here are 5 Indian celebrities who believe in giving back to people who earned them fame.

1. John Abraham

The actor who takes first place on our list of Indian celebrities is John Abraham. John is an actor, film producer and former model. He rose to fame with his top-grossing action film Dhoom, 2004. despite his next-level fanbase and craze among his audience, he is also among the Indian celebrities who work for environment-friendly causes.

Indian celebrities
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Abraham is also a passionate supporter of the United Way, which has its American headquarters in Denver. He led the start of the Mumbai Marathon, an annual competition held to raise money for the United Way, in January 2009. Although he didn’t run the marathon, he cheered on the competitors by waving to them from the starting line.

Abraham enjoys animals and supports organizations like PETA and Habitat for Humanity.  Abraham submitted a letter to the Minister for Environment and Forests, Jayanthi Natarajan, in April 2013 on behalf of PETA, requesting her to ban animal use in circuses in India.

Abraham also champions the cause of refugees in India as the UNHCR’s celebrity supporter in India. His website states that he gave 10 lakh to the Mumbai-based Lilavati Hospital and Research Center.

2. Akshay Kumar

Second on our list of socially active Indian celebrities is none other than Mr Akshay Kumar. He is an actor and film producer. Just like the list of his movies is never ending, the list of his social work also never stops.

akshay kumar movies
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He donated Rs. 25 crores to the PM care funds during the pandemic to help the country fight the novel coronavirus. He also runs a free martial art school for girls to make them learn self-defence and ran several campaigns to spread awareness about self-defence for girls.

Akshay has a huge soft corner for the defense personnel, for that he runs a special Bharat ke Veer application to raise funds for the Indian Army. He has also donated huge amounts during natural disasters in several states.

Akshay Kumar brought up the subject of providing insurance to the movie industry’s stuntmen and stuntwomen. He saw to it that every stuntman received insurance.

3. Dia Mirza

Dia Mirza is the third celebrity on our list of socially active Indian Celebrities. She is an Indian actress, Model, Activist and Filmmaker. Dia has been inactive from Bollywood, and active as a social worker.

dia mirza
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Mirza has made contributions to the fields of social transformation, environmental protection, and voice for change. She has promoted animal conservation and served as the face of numerous important environmental campaigns in India. As a Goodwill Ambassador, Mirza comes on the list of a few Indian celebrities who collaborated with the UN to disseminate awareness of important issues including climate change, animal conservation, clean air, and clean water.

Mirza has also worked closely with the government of Andhra Pradesh to promote HIV awareness among people. She also promoted the prevention of female foeticide. she is closely associated with PETA and CRY foundation. She was also a part of NDTV Greenathon – an effort to find practical solutions against pollution.

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Mirza is also a member of the Cancer Patients Aid Association and the Spastics Society of India (a campaign initiated to collect books for underprivileged children). She is also one of the Indian celebrities who serves on the board of the Coca-Cola foundation, which supports rural India’s development.

4. Nandita Das

Another one on our list of socially active Indian celebrities is Nandita Das. She is an actor and a director who worked in more than 40 films in ten different languages. Das graduated from the University of Delhi with a master’s degree in social work.

nandita das
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She has worked to promote awareness of HIV/AIDS, women’s rights, and children’s rights. Among various Indian celebrities, Das was chosen to lead the Children’s Film Society of India in 2009. She attended the Mumbai-based iVolunteer Awards in 2012 as the event’s special guest. Additionally, Das contributed to the start-up of Tarun Tejpal’s investigative journalism publication Tehelka.

Das was chosen as the spokesperson for the “Dark is Beautiful” campaign in 2013. The campaign, which was started by Women of Worth in 2009, attempts to raise awareness of the negative impacts of racism based on skin colour in India. The campaign uses catchphrases like “Stay Unfair, Stay Beautiful” to encourage both men and women to appreciate the beauty and diversity of all skin tones.

5. Rahul Bose

Another one on the list of Socially active Indian celebrities is Rahul Bose, an Indian actor, director, screenwriter and social activist. In terms of his charitable and public service endeavours, the year 2007 marked a turning point when he founded “The Foundation”, a non-profit organisation (NGO) whose mission is to eradicate inequality in all spheres of life.

rahul bose
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Apart from education and CSA, Mr Rahul is, as usual, ahead of the curve in India by vehemently pressing the nation to “become green,” realising that climate change will have the single greatest impact on the planet, both economically and socio-culturally.

He has intentionally selected two very separate approaches to achieve this goal. As the organization’s first Global Ambassador from the Eastern Hemisphere, Mr Rahul introduced Oxfam’s climate change project in India in March 2009.

He was also first among the Indian celebrities invited by the Climate Action Network in September 2009 to give nine talks on the international politics of climate change to the South Asian Canadian community in Canada to increase awareness before Copenhagen in December 2009. But the true achievement was getting chosen as one of ten speakers for the 100,000-person Global Day of Action for Climate Change march in Copenhagen during COP15 in December of the previous year. Even better, he was requested to speak to the throng once more after the event.

These Indian celebrities are an inspiration for millions of people and our country needs more celebrities like these. Indian celebrities need to focus more on society and the people than on showing off their glamorous lifestyle to people.

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