Two Brothers are providing free Wi-Fi and smart devices to students for online classes in a village in Karnataka

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The prevailing COVID situation has made offline classes impossible. Students from all over the country are studying online. Online classes mean the availability of smart devices and fast internet. For many students, the availability of these resources is just a dream. Such students are losing out on their education.

To tackle this problem, two brothers Mahesh and Harish are working on providing Free Wi-Fi and electronic devices to students of Chikkanahalli village in Karnataka.

Help Provided to Children

The children of Chikkanahalli village started facing problems in attending classes once the schools closed. Harish and Mahesh came up to provide free Wi-Fi and smartphones. Most of the students did not have access to smartphones. Only a few students had smartphones with high-speed internet to attend classes. The duo installed receivers and optical fibre cable from Channapatna Taluk to their village.”

Free Wi-Fi
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Work Done by The Foundation

Mathrubhoomi Seva Foundation is an NGO founded by Mahesh Mathrubhoomi. After finishing his graduation, he realized that his genuine passion was to help our children in need. The primary aim of the NGO is to work on human rights, social justice, and development. The foundation is running an orphanage and an old-age home. The children at the foundation either have a single parent who cannot take care of them or no parents.

Helping The Entire Village

Initially, the brothers only planned to make free Wi-Fi available in the village. After conducting a survey, they found that the students didn’t even have smartphones to study. The duo sorted children out based on their needs. The brothers counted the students with smartphones and without smartphones. Also, they counted the number of students with and without access to high-speed internet.

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The budget for the whole installation was 3,50,000 rupees. The duo then installed free Wi-Fi, tablets and installed personal computers for children. Youth Broadband is providing Wi-fi for the entire village. The brothers installed ten computers initially, and then 50+ tablets were distributed among students.

Free Wi-fi
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Challenges Faced by The Brothers

One of the challenges was laying optic fiber cables down for running the computers and Wi-fi. Despite the various challenges, the initiative made a lot of students happy. One girl danced with joy after seeing her new tablet. She expressed how happy she was and promised that she would study with more dedication. Such beautiful experiences motivate and inspire the brothers to work harder.

Free Wi-fi
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Plans for Future

Mahesh and Harsh have helped over 150+ of school students in attending classes. Besides students, the free Wi-Fi is helping working and non-working people as well. The duo plans to install solar panels for electricity in the village. If the solar panel gets installed, it would solve the problem of electricity.

They also want to open a digital library in their village. The two brothers also wish to bring the digital banking system to the rural area. The plan is to create employment in the village and take everyone towards progress.

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