How Arosia water ATM is providing safe and clean drinking water to the masses at Rs 1 per liter

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Arosia water ATM

Safe, clean, and hygienic drinking water is not accessible to everyone. Worldwide, 785 million people lack access to basic drinking water services. Clean and safe drinking water is too expensive for everyone to buy.

People from socially disadvantaged groups intake unhygienic and unsafe drinking water, which is the main reason for many diseases like cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid, etc. To deal with this issue, Rituparna Das came up with the idea of Arosia water atm. The water atm provides safe, clean, and hygienic water to people at cost-effective rates.

Personal Experience of The Founder

Rituparna Das moved out of Durgapur to pursue higher studies in Shipbur. She fell sick often. The doctor told her that the reason behind her frequent illness was the unclean and unhygienic water she was drinking and advised her to drink mineral water. Rituparna Das mentioned, “As a student, purchasing mineral water wasn’t feasible. It was too expensive for me to buy mineral water every day.”

Cofounders Arosia water ATM
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Birth of Hydrotec Solutions

While working in the Information Technology sector as a software engineer, she realized many students faced similar problems. She decided to do something about the issue. Rituparna Das, Navin Gupta, and Jyotsna Trivedi together started Hydrotec Solutions in 2014. The three co-founders developed water treatment technology for a year and then started developing a water purification system. Rituparna mentioned, “We did not want the students and locals to go through what we went through. Unsafe and unhygienic water can be dangerous to an individual’s health.”

Safe Drinking water atm
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Setting Up Water ATMs

The company further conducted research and found out that although many organizations were trying to develop water treatment plants, a large part of the population still did not have access to safe drinking water. The trio quit their corporate jobs in 2016 and decided to provide safe drinking water to the masses. The headquarters of the start-up is in Kolkata. The co-founders realized people had to buy water while traveling at high prices. The trio developed smart water kiosks, also known as Water ATMs.

Clean Drinking water atm
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Arosia Water ATM

The first pilot project of the Arosia water ATM was installed in Lansdowne, a hill station in Uttarakhand. The trio got to know that the hill station didn’t have access to round-the-clock electricity. To solve this problem, the company set up a solar-based system with lithium backup. The charges were Rs 1/liter of water and Rs 5 for 20 liters of water. The tourists also relied on Arosia water ATM for safe and clean water.

Arosia water ATM
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Installing More Water ATMs

The team then reached out to the government authorities to install the water ATMs in various public places. Another water ATM is in Hidco’s Ecopark in Kolkata. During Christmas and holidays, over one lakh people visit and avail of water services. People from all backgrounds avail the services of the water ATM. Over ten water ATMs have been installed in city hospitals, bus stands, and various marketplaces and shopping malls of Agartala.

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Partnership And Impact Made

Hydrotec Solutions installs Water ATMs in three ways. The company either adopts a franchise or directly sells it to government and organizations, or adopts a private-public partnership. Currently, the water ATMs are present in three states of India. Over 250 units of the cloud-based pay-per-use machine have been installed that help in the purification of million liters of water daily. If the water quality degrades in the ATM, then the machine stops dispensing water.

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Although the water ATM has the latest technology and gives a warning alert beforehand. The company then ensures that the problem is solved immediately. The start-up has served the New Town Kolkata Development Authority, Coal India, Indian army, and Indian Oil Corporation. Mad4India wishes the start-up the best for all future endeavors.

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