Tree gardens to a real-life hero: Story of Karimul Hak, India’s ‘Ambulance Dada’

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Ambulance Dada

Karimul Hak is a 55-year-old real-life hero from the tea farms of
West Bengal. He is known as the Bike Ambulance Dada. He is known by this name for his efforts of helping over 5,500 people in reaching hospitals during emergencies. He would transport people on his motorbike across 20 villages to hospitals when the hospital ambulance van services failed.

Personal Life of Ambulance dada

In 1995, Hak lost his mother to a heart attack, which resulted from a lack of treatment. He would run around the village seeking help for his sick mother, but he failed. That is when he decided he has to make sure no one else dies because of lack of treatment.

Ambulance Dada
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His story begins when a worker suddenly fainted on the work field. He tied his co-worker to his back and attached extra padding to his motorbike and immediately started driving towards the hospital. It was his colleague’s recovery that inspired Hak to continue with his services.

This type of selflessness is very rare and astonishing to witness. However, it is very necessary, especially in the testing times of this pandemic. When the nationwide lockdown was imposed by the government few months back. The villagers, who had very little or absolutely no access to medical facilities, were suffering the most. That was when this concept developed by Hak became very useful in helping these people.

These are major labor forces that survive on a daily wage and with everything being locked down, they neither had a means of income nor did they have any money for food and treatments.

Ambulance Dada
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Lack of Medical Facilities

With poor medical facilities in the villages, Bike ambulance was both an innovative and important step towards medical treatment opportunities for the poor. Because this was new to the people, Ambulance Dada certainly had to face a lot of criticism from the people in his village, who believed it was impractical and laughable.

Ambulance Dada
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To even think of saving multiple lives somehow did not fair well with the villagers who had been living in the deprived conditions of the village for their entire lifetime. But Ambulance Dada soldered on.

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Ambulance Dada says, because of the narrow streets and roads inside the villages, motorbikes are a better mode of transportation. When the villagers saw his plan in action, they believed in his dreams and found that the solution was not at all impractical.

Check a brief video about his journey below:

Awarded by Government

Hak has been bestowed with the Padma Shri award by the government for ‘service above self’ and he continues to extend his services for the good of humankind. He has organized several health camps, and he has also used part of his personal property as building land for a hospital.

Ambulance Dada
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Now he runs a food service along with the ambulance and provides rice to the people who cannot afford proper meals. His actions not only soothe our hearts but also restore our faith in humanity.

Karimul Hak is one of the few people in this modern world who are striving to keep the human spirit alive. We wish they continue to do so.

Ambulance Dada
Image source – Facebook

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