Once a sinking fertilizer company, Now a leading exporter of organic spices

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इस पोस्ट को हिंदी में पड़े – Phalada Agro

An idea can change your life, but you need to take the right decision at the right time. And that’s what Mr. CMN Shastry did. CMN Shastry entered the agricultural sector when this sector was in shambles, and no one was interested to invest in agribusiness.

After working in the leather industry for 2 years, 41-year-old CMN Shastry was looking for an opportunity to enter the agriculture sector. In 1999, a vermi compost manufacturing company was up for sale because of losses. CMN Shastry grabbed this opportunity and bought the fertilizer company.

Phalada Agro
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Leading Organic Brand

Phalada Agro Research Foundation Pvt. Ltd, a company that started with mere Rs 30 lakhs two decades ago, has an annual turnover of over 70 crores today.

Bangalore-based Phalada Agro today works with over 2,000 farmers across the country and sells a wide variety of organic products, including spices, pulses, fruits, oils, and grains. Along with India, the company also exports its products to over 20 countries.

Phalada Agro
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Organic Coffee – Led To A New Beginning

After completing business management studies, CMN Shastry worked in the leather industry for almost 2 years. He then entered the fertilizer business through vermicompost unit. Initially, Mr. Shastry suffered losses in the business, because there was no market for bio-fertilizers at that time.

Phalada Agro
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According to Surya, son of CMN Shastry and managing director of the company, when he went to sell the bio-fertilizers to the farmers, he could not find any buyer. People were under the notion that organic farming is a loss-making proposition. The farmers were not sure about adopting organic formulation. However, Shastry’s continued to sell organic fertilizers.

In 2002, when organic farming starting getting popular, it was a great opportunity for the company. Company tied-up with 20 producers to acquire organic produce.

They also tied up with organic coffee producers as they felt organic coffee was the easiest way to enter the international market. Although the ground reality was completely different, and they had to change their plans once again.

Inter-crop System – A Turning Point

According to Surya, the inter-crop system proved to be a boon for them during the coffee plantation. Even though the coffee demand did not match their plan, the demand for spices was very high. The demand for chili was esp high in the market and it fetched them a good price.

This inter-crop system gave them new hopes, and the company was ready to grab the opportunity which organic spice market offered them. It also excited the farmers, and they worked in sync with the company goals.

Phalada Agro
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The company, which started as a small fertilizer company, works with over 14,000 farmers today across the country. The company covers over 10,000 hectares of organic land across the country.

Most of the farmers working with Phalada are from South India, although the company also has several projects in Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan. According to Surya, all the company projects and plans depend on customers’ demand.

Exports to USA, Germany and More

Today, Phalada Agro is one of the largest exporters of organic spices, herbs, oils in the country. In 2011, the company also launched its retail brand for the domestic market – ‘Phalada Pure & Sure’.

The company that started its journey with only 10 products sells over 160 products today. Phalada is exporting organic spices, coffee, herbs, cereals, and many more organic products to over 20 countries, including the US, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and France.

Phalada Agro
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More farmers are coming forward to join the company for better financial prospects. This helps farmer improve their standard of living. Alongside helping farmers, the company is working to strengthen its brand by opening new stores soon.

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