How 1000 Tree Project is helping farmers become self-sufficient

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इस पोस्ट को हिंदी में पड़े – 1000 Tree Project

Farmers play a major role in India’s economy. It won’t be wrong to say that they are the backbone of our country. Over 70% of our population is directly or indirectly connected to the agriculture sector.

Despite being one of the prominent sectors, most of the farmers are still poor and in terrible shape. Some prominent factors for this current situation are drought, lack of proper water supply, poor supply chain, abrupt weather, and old farming techniques.

1000 Tree Project
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Various Government and Non-Government organizations are working towards the betterment of the agricultural sector, and Sawyyam being one of them.

The key principle of Sawyyam is to make people in the agriculture sector self-reliant through various initiatives. In 2016, Sawyyam started the 1000 Tree Project in the villages of South India. The key idea was to strengthen the farming ecosystem by working on problems like deforestation, soil erosion, and failed monsoon.

1000 Tree Project
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1000 Tree Project – Impact

In 2016, given the drought conditions, many farmers in South India committed suicide. Deforestation, failed monsoon, chemical farming, climate change, and irregular rainfall affect the quality and quantity of crops. If the farmer’s yield is less for any reason, they won’t be able to earn enough to sustain their livelihood and repay their debts.

To help farmers, Sawyyam started the 1000 Tree Project in the year 2016. Under this project, they form small groups of farmers. There are at least 4 farmers in each group, including one female farmer. These small groups together operate over 10 or more acres of land. They make efforts to minimize the damage caused by climate change.

1000 Tree Project
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Promoting The Tree Sapling System

Under the 1000 Tree project, the organization lays emphasis on water harvesting and tree saplings. This helps in dealing with problems like climate change and drought.

Under this initiative, they also train farmers for mixed crop farming, water harvesting, and alley cropping technique to cultivate more crops in less space. They also encourage farmers to plant at least 100 trees every acre to avoid a drought-like situation.

1000 Tree Project
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Make Farmers Self-Reliant

Most of the Indian farmers still prefer old farming techniques and practices. A lot of them still cultivate two big seasonal crops in a year which is a high-risk approach. For the last 4 years, the 1000 Tree Project has been working with farmers to make them self sufficient.

To know more about The 1000 Tree Project, please check – Facebook, Website, Instagram.

To know more about Sawyyam, please check – Facebook, Website, Youtube

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