Top 5 Organic Farm house Stay Near Delhi For Your Next Weekend Gateway – Offers Chemical-Free Food

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August is a joyous month. It has the most poetic weather, the flowers grow, the grass is greener, and the farm houses are in their full beauty. Petrichor fills the air and luckily this year nice long weekends as well.

But Delhi does not picture the monsoon in this way. We see the traffic as a monster who would undoubtedly devour our entire day, the homes as stuffy and gloomy boxes, and the roads as little puddles of mud and garbage.

Monsoon feels great when we are in the lap of nature, relaxed and comfortable to enjoy nature’s call.

How about, this long weekend leave the city hustle and go on a trip to experience nature and the monsoon at its best!

You can certainly go to Rishikesh, Dehradoon, or a standard resort this weekend, but if you’re looking for something novel, exciting, and different, check out what we’ve got on our list!

A VISIT TO AN ORGANIC FARM. Yes, this time choose an organic farm instead of your usual weekend getaway destination and discover the difference between living a life and feeling life! What’s the catch, tho?

So the catch is that this weekend, visiting an organic farm house might add a lot of experiences to your list. Organic fields provide a wonderful escape from the chaotic crowds and noisy environment of Delhi.

The simple way of life on a farm will give your heart a refreshing touch. Air as pure as a daisy, food straight from the farm which is organically grown and completely free of chemicals, and the best part is that you don’t have to waste your day traveling far.

Here, we’ve listed 5 excellent organic farm houses close to Delhi that you may visit this weekend for a pleasant experience.

Satya Jyoti Farm House- Aravalli

farm house
Image Source – Satya Jyoti farmhouse

The love and passion for the environment that Jyoti Cariappa Saikia had led to the creation of Satya Jyoti farm house. In the year 1990, she purchased 28 acres of land just for the sake of investment. But she found great attachment to this land later.

Together with Kokoli Banerjee, she gave this farm a purpose beyond being a place for harvesting. Jyoti Farm house is a fantastic beginning for a natural and organic lifestyle. Only 150 kilometres away from Delhi, near Laadpuri, a village in Rajasthan’s Sare Khurd area.

One can find real peace in this place. You can join on-site workshops about organic farming, village life, physical activity, etc. You get served the healthiest organic food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

This destination is perfect for a weekend trip, feel the soft grass beneath your feet, breathe the cleanest air, and let loose in the exhilarating jungle. If you are looking for two days filled with joy and experience, this is your place. know more about Satya Jyoti Farms on their Facebook page


farm house
Image Source – Surjivan

Surjivan is a wonderful entrance like Narnia for those who want to enjoy the fresh air and some organically grown fruits and veggies.

It is inspired by the traditional Indian way of life. The setting has exclusive values. The farm house is made in the natural way of Indian rural housing. This location is a great marriage of leisure and nature, which is a rare combination, but the Surjivan farm has brought you the best of both worlds.

The 50 acres of green, lush farm house provide you with an earthy ambiance in their artistically pleasing rooms. With your family, you can play different Indian games like ‘pitthu’, ‘kanche’, ‘lattu’, and ‘gili-danda’. You also have swimming and cricket if you like.

The farm house offers an adventurous experience. Surjivan is only 50 kilo-meters from Delhi, this makes it easy to get here and enjoy an aesthetic stay, beautiful scenery, and joyful day. know more about Surjivan on their Facebook and YouTube page.

Prakriti Farms, Rupnagar, Punjab

Image Source – Prakriti Farms

The effort by Netar Pal Kaushal to construct a rural Punjab is unique in its type.

Located in the Shivalik foothills, a 10-minute drive from the Ropar Wetlands, 45 kilometres from Chandigarh, and a 5-hour trip from New Delhi. The farm provides you with a dash of Punjab on your plate and freshness of nature to fill your glass.

At Prakriti Farm house, you’ll experience the most gratifying weekend conquest ever. Prakriti farmhouse is renowned for its friendliness and homeliness.

You can also enjoy the sight of never-ending trees, lush farmlands, domestic animals walking around, and peacocks displaying you the wonderful dance. The objective of Prakriti farm is to connect one with nature and the soul.

Here, you can find solace in Mother Nature’s arms. The farm house is equipped with all necessary utilities. You may select between Swiss Luxury Tents, Thatch and Mud Deluxe Cottages, or Cottages with views of the ‘Kinnow’ orchard.

Trips for bird watching, quick treks and trails, and a variety of outdoor activities are available at the Adventure Zone. This Sunday, have your morning tea while admiring the Shivalik hills. know more about Prakriti farms at their Facebook page

Savannah Farmstay

Image Source – Savannah Farmstay

A small oasis of peace close to the massive, towering buildings of Delhi NCR. Only 50 kilometers separate the calm of this place from the craziness of Delhi.

The Savannah farm house is encircled by lush, green rice and wheat fields and is tucked away on the banks of the Yamuna River.

The farm serves organically grown food, guaranteeing a true transition into nature. You can visit there for the day and either enjoy some outdoor activities or watch the monsoon rainfall on the luscious grass. know more about Savanna farm stay on their Facebook page.

Raj Nikas Farm

Farm House
Image Source – Raj Nikas Farm

Imagine spending a weekend in the peace and tranquilly of nature in the lap of luxury. Raj Vikas Farm house, which is located in the Aravali Mountains close to the well-known Neemrana fort, provides the most opulent services in the midst of nature.

The sunny patio-like lodging is completely equipped with contemporary technology, giving you the pleasure of aesthetic comfort and an organic lifestyle.

You are given vegetables and fruits that have been cultivated organically on the neighbouring farm. At the Raj Vikas Farms, pleasure and nature go hand in hand.

Organic farming is a new way of life that benefits both the environment and humans. Many people have made organic farming their life’s work; you can visit the farm that is redefining the caliber of our food. Read about Vanya Organic – A positive change by an IRS Officer who built a 100-acres food forest in Madhya Pradesh

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