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Starting with some really proud facts about India, our country was praised even by its invaders. Everyone who has ever visited India has praised its vast diversity, arts and artisans, and, of course, our country’s unforgettable hospitality.

Time and again, our country has proven to be the weirdest yet most interesting country. From its festivals to its architecture, from jobs to businesses, there is a unique touch of craziness in every bit of India, making it stand out from others.

This article is trying to be as crazy as India and stand out from the crowd. Here are some jumbled-up, diverse, and exciting things about our country I bet you didn’t know before.

India is a land of innovations yet a land of temporary solutions, or “Jugaad”. It is a brand in the hospitality and hotel industry. We have given brand names like Taj yet a country that would prefer a “Thadi” over any 5-stars. A land that has given world-class entrepreneurs and CEOs & yet a country that faces a lack of skill development and employment.

1. Varanasi- Kashi Home Of Shiva-Parvati

If we talk about our country without starting with the ancient culture and history of the country, in my opinion, such a conversation is a body without a head. So, here is the start of this incredible article about India.

Starting the facts about India, we have some of the oldest thriving cities in the world which are still prospering the same. Varanasi is believed to be the oldest living city, not just of our nation Bharat but the entire world.

Facts About India Kashi
Source- Pexels

Varanasi was founded in 11 BC. Varanasi, which was once a thriving commercial hub, is today a very well-liked tourist destination, drawing millions of visitors annually from all over the world. The city is also referred to as Banaras or Kashi. It’s believed that even Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati called this site home.

Varanasi is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legends, and looks twice as old as all of them put together.

Mark Twain

2. Kailash Temple- Architecture That Will Leave You Awestruck

This gigantic structure represents magnificent art architecture, and devotion all at once. This temple in Maharashtra is more than just a temple dedicated to the lord of lords Shiva but a proof of human excellence and imagination at its best. The greatest Hindu temple at the Ellora Caves is the Kailasha temple, which was carved out of a single rock.

Facts About India - Kailash temple
Source- Wikipedia

What makes the temple stand out from the rest of the Indian architecture is that it is carved out of a single rock. The cherry on top is that, it is carved from top to bottom, which is so unusual in the field of architecture as most buildings are built from bottom to top. It is definitely a place that need not be missed on the venture of Maharastra.

3. Karni Mata Temple- Where Rats Are Worshipped

Some Facts About India we all are aware of – we all love temples and we all love animals but in our country, “Bharat” there is literally a temple where rats are being worshipped. Rats are called “Kabba” there.

The love of Indians for animals continues, we all know cows are considered sacred in India, but worshipping rats is a whole new thing we discovered. Rajasthan has a temple specifically for rats.

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The temple is one of the most unusual tourist destinations in the nation since it is home to thousands of rats. Basically, it is the temple of Mata Karni, considered to be the Devi of Charans Of Rajasthan or the folk goddess of the people of Bikaner.

Facts About India - karni mata temple
Source- Wikipedia

And if you are lucky enough in her abode, you’ll see King ‘Kabba‘, a rare white rat. Isn’t it a must-visit place, and must experience kind of facts about India?

So, next time you are on a tour to Rajasthan don’t miss this spot of wonders and spirituality which will give you yet another reason for being MAD4INDIA.

4. Geographical Wonders In India- Lonar Lake an Anti-Gravity Hill

A meteor that was falling to Earth about 52,000 years ago formed Lonar Lake. The intricate structures around this cosmic wonder should not be missed by travellers or space enthusiasts.

Facts About India- lonar lake

Another wonder is, this hill in Ladakh. It is the only magnetic location in India due to its anti-gravitational effect. The location is indicated by a yellow sign asking you to park inside the white-painted box while in neutral gear. You’ll be shocked to see your automobile start to go upward on its own after doing this.

Facts About India
Source- Wikipedia

Some call it scary, some call it science, but we call it the serendipity of India.

5. Jantar Mantar- A Scientific Wonder Of India

Another science-filled yet fun facts about India – We had a king, who wanted no wars but was obsessed with science. And he created a whole science museum in front of his palace.

Jantar Mantar, located in Jaipur Rajasthan, is the largest stone-built astronomical observatory in the world. What astonishes the most about the building is the time period in which it was built 1727–33. In an era when kingdoms were more focused on war and armies, Jaipur’s King Sawai Jai Singh Ji built this scientific wonder of the world.

Facts About India - jantar mantar
Source- Wikipedia

The goal of building Jantar Mantar was to investigate time and space. This Jaipur structure is made up of nineteen architectural astronomy instruments, all of which are fully functional and are still utilised for calculations and instruction. The orbits of the Sun are observed and studied using it. Copper, marble, and stone are used in some of the compositions here. Chakra Yantra, Dakshin Mural Yantra, Digamsha Yantra, Disha Yantra, Kanali Yantra, and Palbha Yantra are a few of the nineteen instruments.

It also has the world’s largest stone sun clock.

Whether we talk about the Indian tribes, the politics, or the people, India is full of wonders that can literally make you lose your breath. The list of flaunt-worthy facts about India can go on and on. Being the richest nation in all senses, we can flaunt literally anything. Therefore together, let’s go MAD4India.

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