Meet Anna Durai, The Auto Driver From Chennai Who Has World-Class Facilities In His Auto

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Whether it’s early morning or late night, the one thing that stands by the road is the auto. Always ready to make your travel easier. Among the many auto drivers on the street of Chennai, Anna Durai is incomparable to the rest.

The auto driver considers the ‘customer as king’ and has extensive services in his auto to make the traveler’s accommodation comfortable.

No job is big or small! This statement fits correct the Chennai auto driver, Anna Durai, who goes to make his customer feel feasible throughout the journey,

Apart from the auto driver Anna Durai’s polite and sublime nature, customers vouch for the experience inside the auto that offers amenities like a mini-refrigerator, Wi-Fi, etc., to reach their destination.

Anna Durai, fondly known as ‘Auto Anna’, has captured the hearts of many commuters with its services.

Mad4India brings another joyful story of the infamous Chennai auto driver, Anna Durai, who became a celebrity overnight for his hospitality and lofty personality.

Anna Durai – Chennai’s favorite auto driver

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Anna Durai, the auto driver from Chennai, has its app and website, where customers can pre-book to avail of his services. It’s an irony as once, he would have to wait for the customer, and today they wait for them.

The young passionate auto driver has world-class facilities like Wi-Fi, television, laptop, snacks, and chocolates to munch, and offers refrigerator water on heat days. It also extends free rides to teachers, doctors, nurses, and sanitation workers.

If you are still not impressed by Anna Durai, he charges the same fare for travel even though his services are free.

Anna Durai, the auto driver, has gained a massive fan following through his humble yet handful gesture for making the customer’s travel comfy.

Although he never planned to become an auto driver, the profession just happened to him. He had the dream of becoming a business and earning enough to solve his financial crisis. But, one thing led to another, and he started working early. The hurdle and obstacles life has thrown at him, Anna Durai, the auto driver, has no complaints.

He works dutifully, never taking an extra penny nor exploiting the customers for using their services. Apart from being an auto driver, he conducts seminars for giant global companies and is regarded as a Marketing Guru for his intact on how he attracts the customers by installing the services that will please the commuters.

Image Source – Instagram

Chennai’s auto driver, Anna Durai, is also a TedX Speaker as he gives a motivational speech to encourage young minds to follow their passion in fulfilling their goal.

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Auto is a mode of transportation, but it is also a means to connect with people. Anna Durai aims to ease the commuters if they ever get stuck in a traffic jam, as it’s common in metropolitan cities and It Sectors by providing some snacks so they can entertain themselves.]]

The ‘ Auto Anna’ also conducts contests for customers and announces prizes if they win. He also prints copies of the puzzle questionnaire, and the person answering the correct answer would receive a cash prize. The auto driver received criticism from his friends, but he stood his ground and never faltered in establishing his segment.

Anna Durai has proved that no work is big or small. You will achieve great things if you have the will to change and work hard for the result.

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Anna Durai is an auto driver with a big heart and wholesome compassion. He has received praise and positive remarks from many public figures like the industrialist Anna Mahinda. Where he called him the ‘Professor of Management.’

With sheer kindness to give the society by providing free rides to doctors and sanitation workers, Mad4India is pleased to cover the story of ‘Auto Anna’ of Chennai and hopes to cover more of these.

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To know more about Anna Durai, please check – Instagram

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