Meet 5 People With Disability Who Are Turning No Stone Unturned To Make This World A Better Place

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inspiring people with disability

In this world full of excuses people with disability have challenged the odds, turned their unfortunate situations to their side, and changed the meaning of success.

There are around 26 million people with disability in our country and many inspiring citizens of our country who performed extraordinarily despite a major kind of disability in their bodies.

These amazing 5 people on our list who are no less than superheroes have extremely touching and inspiring stories with a reminder of just how nothing can stop you from anything if you put all your hard work into your work.

1. Geetha Saleesh

Disability did not stop her from believing in herself and reaching her dreams. She earns Rs. 50,000 per month by selling ghee and other nutritional food products.

Geetha Saleesh of Kerala crossed the barrier despite her disability by launching a small online business that delivers products throughout India and became very famous.

Geetha Saleesh, a 37-year-old lady from Thrissur, Kerala, was identified as having the rare hereditary condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa. Retinitis Pigmentosa is a group of rare eye illness that affects the retina. It caused her blindness at the young age of 15 and left her entirely blind by the age of 20.

Geetha’s Disability Didn’t Stop Her From Starting Her Online Business

Her disability, on the other hand, didn’t stop her from achieving her goals. Geetha, who always wanted to work, studied braille (a universally accepted system of writing used by and for blind persons) and finished her schooling with a disability.

Geetha who runs this amazing business sells handcrafted food items online through her company’s website geethashome2home which includes a turmeric-based superfood supplement, ghee, and pickles. All the superfoods are made out of a single variety of high curcumin content turmeric cultivated organically. 

Family Was Her Back Support 

Geetha’s parents, husband, and children have always been supportive of her in achieving her goals regardless of her disability.

Geetha, not shying away from disability was previously running a small venture with her husband, so she was well aware of how to run a company the right way. They owned a small organic restaurant in Thrissur, Kerala where they learned about the business world.

The duo used to prepare various types of meals and lip-smacking drinks made with organic ingredients like vegetables for the customers of their restaurant. Unfortunately, they had to close the restaurant because they lost the rented place.

“Curcu meal” – Pure Organic Swadha 

Geetha didn’t give up on her dreams since she knew that if a disability couldn’t stand in the way of her goals, a closed restaurant wouldn’t either. So, at the beginning of 2021, she launched geethashome2home on social media with a few products like “Curcu meal” as one of the top sellers.

After nearly three years of research, this product was created. It is a fantastic supplement that lessens the effects of arthritis and depression.

You can download the new Geethahome2Home app which they have launched recently from their site.

To know more about her you can read a detailed article about her – Disability Did Not Stop Geetha From Starting Her Own Online Business; Earns Rs. 50,000 Per Month By Selling Ghee and Nutritional Food Products.

2. Naidhroven

Since he was an infant, Naidhroven has battled a condition known as muscular dystrophy. As a result, even his family was ready for his impairment.

Image Source: LinkedIn

Naidhroven’s disability made him unwilling to rely on others. He was motivated to launch his startup as a result, he seems to have the determination and ambition to create a unique scooter for persons with disability.

Effect of Muscular Dystrophy at the age of 26

Naidhroven had an interest in engineering because his father was an automobile engineer. However, his teachers advised him to pursue a career in commerce because of his disability.

His teachers thought that since he couldn’t perform or stand for very long in science labs, he would do better in the business world. Naidhroven believed and felt he would be unable to pursue a career as an engineer.

He gradually begin to experience the effects of his illness, and he was also prepared for his disability. Naidhroven was aware that he would end up in a wheelchair by the time he turned 30, but he refused to let that stop him from accomplishing his goals.

At age 26, his illness worsened as he was pursuing his MBA. His hip dislocated, badly damaging his ankle. He could not walk as well as before.

scooters for people with disability
Image Source: Instagram

Rejected by Companies Due to Disability

Naidhroven went through a terrible time, yet he never gave up. He applied for work at numerous businesses, but due to his condition, he got rejection letters from each one.

He remained brave despite the challenges. According to Naidhroven, this was a sign for him to pursue his startup, and a job might have been a barrier.

His father constructed a little scooter just for Naidhroven so that he could move around unaided. He had his “eureka” moment at this point and came up with the concept for his startup. He made the decision to produce this scooter for those in need.

Government Funding

Naidhroven gained the skills necessary for his startup (Nappinnai) while working as a freelancer, but he needed money to get started. His business’s ability to raise money was made possible by the Tamil Nadu government’s Prime Minister Employment Generation Scheme.

sustainable and eco friendly
Image Source: Instagram

Naidhroven launched his start-up business, Nappinnai, in 2016. The business created Compact Scooters with features tailored to those with walking impairments brought on by illnesses or accidents.

His relatives and friends contributed Rs. 11 lakh, and the Tamil Nadu government provided Rs. 10 lakh for Nappinnai.

Naidhroven‘s Motivation To Succeed

He made the decision to launch a startup because he wanted to show the world that nothing, not even a disability, can stop you if you are dedicated to your vision.

People from various socioeconomic groups can readily purchase the environmentally friendly and reasonably priced vehicles offered by Nappinnai. An individual model costs between 8,000 and 10,000 rupees to produce.

In the end, Naidhroven might have chosen a decent existence through employment, but he chose to launch a business instead so that he could inspire millions of people. His goal was to inspire other people with disabilities to pursue their goals without letting their condition stand in the way.

To know more about him read a detailed paste – Rejected by companies for disability, Naidhroven built a ‘Special Scooter’ for disabled people

3. Pooja Jatyan

In the Para Archery World Championship, Indian archer Pooja Jatyan made history by becoming the first Indian to take home a silver medal in an individual division, Pooja’s left leg is shorter than her right leg due to polio, which was discovered when she was five years old.

Image Source: Twitter

Her Childhood

Pooja Jatyan, age 24, had several challenges. Since she was five years old, she has had polio. She had battled and was an introvert since she was little. Due to her infirmity, she secluded herself from her buddies and declined to go to any public events.

Battling The Challenges

Once when Pooja was watching television she discovered para archery and she eventually found her purpose. That moment was the turning point in her life. She was unable to participate in sports, but she had the idea to try out para archery.

India is a country that is rich in emerging abilities. The success of Indian athletes in sports has increased during the last several years. It has shown that Indians are booming with their skills in every field.

Pooja Jatyan despite her disability elevated Indian archery to a new level with her hunger for victory and her perseverance, patience, and love of the sport.

Pooja Jatyan, the face of Indian archery, aimed to become the first female World Champion in the senior division.

Image Source: Twitter

Inspiration To Many

The Rookie para-archer’s silver medal at the para-archery world championship has not only brought honour to the country but also to her family. The 24-year-old serves as inspiration for young minds and spirits that want to advance their knowledge of Indian Archery.

She has provided inspiration for individuals who want to live their passions and has broken the chains of social prejudices that denigrate you and hold back your resolve to do the unexpected.

She wrote the history. It’s time for more people to pursue their passion in whatever field they choose and succeed. Many people will be motivated and inspired by her narrative, and it will pave the route for them to win hearts and medals.

She illustrated that anyone can succeed in life by being consistent with their goal. To know more about her read a detailed story about her here – Indian Archer Pooja Jatyan, The First Indian To Win A Silver In Para Archery World Championships

4. Tajinder Mehra

Tajinder Mehra, a bodybuilder who is 27 years old, was born without a hand. He won the Mr. Delhi competition three times in a row from 2016 to 2018. He was teased and made fun of for only having one hand.

Image Source: Instagram

The Turbulent Start To Life

The ability to transform one’s weakness into a strength is something that only a few individuals are capable of. One such illustration of assurance and tenacity is Tajinder Mehra. He is well-known among Delhi’s bodybuilders because of his three victories with disability in the Mr. Delhi competition.

Tajinder, who only has one hand, was born in Delhi. His mother works as a maid to make ends meet while his father drives an auto. When Tajinder was just two months old, his parents decided to sell him off for 20,000 rupees, knowing well that he would never be able to support himself on his own or be able to provide for the family because of his disability.

Image Source: Instagram

He was saved and reared as his own by his paternal aunt. She looked for both his needs and his schooling.

Even though he loved to learn, his family’s financial difficulties forced him to drop out of school after the tenth grade. It was essential for him to take care of his aunt because she gave him life. Even performing routine duties presented challenges for Tajinder in the past, but eventually, it became a habit.

Bullied Childhood

As a child, he encountered bullying due to his disability yet he never allowed his disability to slow him down in life. He did not have an ordinary childhood because he was repeatedly dejected by people his age because of his disability. He desired to ride a bike to school or play cricket with pals, but he was never able to do either.

Determination And Success

He enjoyed going to the gym and was motivated to get in shape. He began working out at home before joining any gym. As soon as he gained confidence, he joined a gym close to his home.

He was inspired to enter the Mr. Delhi competition by his gym coach Dinesh. He was Tajinder’s trainer for the competition. Tajinder was unable to pay the gym fees or spend the money on his particular diet because he was already struggling financially.

Image Source: Instagram

Dinesh helped him by giving him free training and providing financial assistance so that he could follow his particular diet.

Surprisingly, in the first year of his participation, Tajinder took home the Mr. Delhi crown. He gained confidence from this victory and kept up his training.

He won the titles in 2017 and 2018 in a row. He entered the competition four times, and by winning three of the four times, he made history.

Financial Crisis

Even though his professional career was quite successful, his family’s financial position continued to get worse. He decided to become a personal trainer. With the unfavorable news that COVID-19 closed all the gyms. Tajinder was left without a job or a source of money.

Tajinder had historically motivated himself, so he made the daring decision to also accept this challenge. He opened a food stand in Karampura, Delhi, in September 2020 to help feed his family. Tajinder founded the restaurant known as “Chicken Point” with his buddy and business partner Sarabjot.

Tajinder dreams of one day being an owner of a gym. We are sure that he will succeed in achieving his goals.

To know more about her read this detailed story – Heartwarming Story Of Tajinder Mehra, Born With One Hand And Went On To Become Mr. Delhi.

5. Shekar Goud

mountain climbing
Image Source: Facebook

Shekar Goud, who hails from the state of Telangana, overcame his disability. He is a resident of Telangana’s Yadidari district and became the first triple amputee to summit Mount Elbrus. He discovered that trekking is something that provided him excitement, happiness, and joy.

Success is when a person stumbles but always gets back up stronger. And Mr. Shekar Goud showed that nothing could stop him from realizing his goals, not even his disability. He not only made his state but all of us extremely proud of him.

Image Source: Facebook

What Lead To His Disability

Shekar Goud was electrocuted while he was only 18 years old, resulting in his amputee condition. On December 24, 2006, one of his buddies pulled a cruel prank on him. One of his friends rushed over and shoved him off the wall where he was sitting while speaking on the phone with a friend. He grabbed a wire to prevent striking his head on the ground, but it was a mistake because he was electrocuted. Shekar lost two of his limbs, toes, and much of the skin of my right foot.

When he opened his eyes after being unconscious, he found himself in a hospital bed. After the accident, he stayed there in his town, but seeing all of his family members in tears made him feel weak, sad, and irate.

His Life After The Accident

Soon after he moved to Hyderabad and began living alone. He completed his studies up to grade 10 and is currently employed with the Pranaam Hospital.

Shekar began running every day, which helped him organize his thoughts. The airtel 10k run in 2014 served as his maiden 10-kilometer race. He has since taken part in several duathlons and marathons. In just 58 days, he rode 4,100 miles from South India to North India. To get to Mount Everest’s base camp, he had to hike for 84 kilometers. Most recently, he hiked Dayara Bugyal in Uttarakhand.

Greatest Achievement

The 30-year-old has conquered Mount Kosciuszko, mainland Australia’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, and Mount Elbrus, the highest peak in Russia, all without any official mountaineering instruction. He is the first and only triple amputee to do so, and he has no plans to stop, which is so fascinating and inspiring.

He revealed in an interview that after losing his leg, he began concentrating more on trekking. We are extremely proud of him for not letting life defeat him and for facing problems head-on with courage and a grin.

Image Source: Facebook

It’s a widespread misconception that persons with a disability ought to stay inside. They believed they were powerless in life, but Shekar Goud’s accomplishments altered everyone’s thinking.

Shekar says that despite the difficulties he has undergone as an amputee, he hopes that no one ever gives up on their aspirations.

To know more about him read this detailed this story – Shekar Goud – An inspiring story of India’s first triple amputee to climb Mount Elbrus, the highest peak in Russia

Feature image source:, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook.

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