Want To Earn Money By Staying At Home? Hydroponic Farming Can Help

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A new method of farming that many farmers are now using in India is known as Hydroponic Farming. In simpler words, it means that it is a type of farming where the soil is not required to grow crops. A piece of land is also not necessary. One can even practice Hydroponic farming at their homes, on their balcony, or in any small space. The prerequisites are some basic resources and knowledge about Hydroponic farming. Jagdamb Farming is a startup that develops nature-friendly yet commercially profitable farming methods.

Founder Of Jagdamb Farming

Vishal Mane is the founder of Jagdamb Farming. The start-up promotes and uses the method of Hydroponic farming for growing plants and crops. The technique of Hydroponic farming has its roots in Israel. People can grow plants and crops without the use of soil. Vishal Mane mentioned, “Anybody can grow vegetables Hydroponic Farming at their homes, on terrace or balcony. It can become a good source of income.”

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Setup Of Hydroponic Farming

In one such setup, long pipes are taken and put together. Each pipe has several holes for the saplings to be placed. Water continuously flows through these pipes. The water contains nutrients that are good for the growth of plants. One of the main advantages of this setup is that less water is required for growing the plant. The same water keeps providing nutrition to the plants and moving throughout the pipes. The usage of cocopeat is very important for the growth of plants using the hydroponic farming method.

Success story
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Use of Cocopeat and Perlite

A mixture of perlite and cocopeat is made and then put inside a pot. Seeds are then sown inside the pot. The pot is then for germination. The same mixture of perlite and cocopeat can be used for 4-5 years to grow crops and plants. After the seeds turn into small saplings, they get placed into the hydroponic farming system for further growth.

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Modifications Can Be Made

The roots stay in direct touch with the water and uptake the nutrients from the water for the plant’s growth. Different designs of the hydroponic farming system can be made based on the space available for growing the plants. Hydroponic farming is also not labor-intensive. Only some supervision and knowledge of how the system works are necessary. The setup made by the start-up is huge so they do make a profit of 5-6 lakhs.

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Preferred Method of Farming Worldwide

Vegetables like Spinach, Brinjal, Tomatoes, Capsicum, Cumber, Chillies can be grown using the method of hydroponic farming. The vegetables are clean, healthy, and of good quality. Vishal Mane mentioned, “Hydroponic farming is better than normal farming because the nutritional value that plants get through this method is much more than the traditional methods of farming. Due to this reason, many foreign countries are now switching to this method of farming. Another advantage is that, unlike traditional farming, Hydroponic farming can be done all year round!”

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Always In Demand

Vishal Mane also mentioned, “Agricultural business is always in demand. No matter what, the consumers only increase. So, one can put their time and effort into this without even giving it a thought.” Mad4India wishes Vishal Mane and his venture Jagdamb Farming all the best for all future endeavors!

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