5 Traditional Dress Brands You Must Explore Before The Festive Season Starts

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Navratri is around the corner and all the dandiya lovers can already listen to the dhol beats, imagine all the beautiful traditional dress, twirling ghaghras, amusing dandiya steps and what not.

India being a rich historical state, unites communities and transcends boundaries. The whole nation dances to the tune of electrifying beats during this 9-day festival as playing Garba and enjoying dandiya nights during Navratri is not just limited to Gujarat now.

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A grand celebration nationwide demands pretty colorful costumes as well. Selecting traditional dress for a dandiya night is quite a task keeping in mind the changing fashion trends every year. We have shortlisted 5 brands supporting local artisans from various regions crafting eye-catching dresses this Navratri. Have a look at them.

Brands preserving the rich heritage of Indian Traditional Dress

There are brands that are preserving Indian culture and fashion together to match the level of evolving fashion trends, and provide us with the best traditional dress options.

1. Banjara India

Banjara India is a clothing brand curating the finest Indian traditional dress and ethnic wear for women and kids. They have a unique product range of embroidered dupattas, chaniya cholis, jackets, skirts, etc. Founded by Deepak Parswani in 2014, this brand envisions bringing Indian craftsmanship to the forefront of the global retail market.

Traditional Dress
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Selling the clothes manufactured by local experienced artisans, Banjara India presents the most trend-setting pieces every year on Navratri. Their products have traditional embroidery work and prints symbolizing the true Banjara spirit. For selecting a different and elegant traditional dress, do visit their website. They have so many things from festive wear to kids’ collections.

2. Kreeva

Kreeva is an online shopping brand specializing in the art of ethnic wear. Manthan Dhameliya started the parent company Arya Designs in Gujarat right after he graduated in 2014. With an aim of designing stunning traditional wear and keeping the ethnic roots alive, Manthan established Kreeva in 2020. The brand aims to bring unmatched traditional dress to the frequently evolving Indian consumer and fashion trends.

Traditional Dress of Gujarat
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Perfect for your Navratri outfit, Kreeva designs a huge variety of ghaghra choli apart from the bridal ones at a reasonable price. The Indian traditional dress designed by them has its own uniqueness and elegance. Varied layers also add up to the fact of repetition with style so that they are not worn just once and discarded later on to go to the landfills. Check out their website for amazing festive ghaghra choli to wear this Navratri.

3. Jaypore

Whether you need a traditional dress for men, women, or kids, or you need trendy accessories to pair with your ethnic wear, now there’s no need to hunt from shop to shop because here is a one-stop solution for you. Jaypore is a brand that sells handmade sarees, dupattas, traditional dresses, jewelry, home decor and much more.

Traditional Dress
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Founded by Puneet Chawla, a young mind aiming to bring India closer to the world, Jaypore discovers the best designs from artisans and craftsmen all over India and delivers them at exceptional value to the customers. This way they provide local artisans with financial support for their art encouraging them to craft more. With unique and high-quality craftsmanship, you can check out their store and see what’s in it for you!

4. Utsav Fashion

Traditional Dress
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Utsav Fashion began in the year 2000 by launching a wholesale and retail outlet in Jaipur, India. Following that they launched their online store in 2003 and since then there’s no looking back for them. They have the widest variety of trendy Indian traditional dress for women from sarees and ghaghra-choli to salwar kameez.

Traditional Dress in Gujarat
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Launched by Hemant Kala 23 years back, this brand guarantees superior quality and craftsmanship in their range and even offers customization in your chosen design ensuring tailored perfection in it. They can even deliver within 24 hours so for last-minute traditional dress for playing Garba in Navratri, check out Utsav Fashion.

5. Tapee

Celebrate this Navratri with a high-quality and outstanding range of women’s ethnic wear at Tapee. This brand gives a traditional dress of designs starting from fabulous sarees to beautiful ghagra-choli. Every year females have the task of selecting the most elegant dress for every occasion and Tapee assures high-quality traditional dresses for all the festivals.

Traditional Dress
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This online store has been working for years to meet the demands of the evolving ladies blending trendy styles and culture together. Check out their store and select your unique and breath-taking Navratri outfit.

Exploring Indian traditional dress during the festive season is a dopamine release for everybody and we have listed these 5 brands that are one click away from delivering you finely crafted dresses from local experienced artisans. Wear something made artistically helping the underserved artists celebrate their festival as well.

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