7 Classic Traditional Dress Indian Dupatta For Girls To Stack In Their Wardrobe

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Indian dupatta for girls

Ethnic clothing complements and modesties your personality like no other. Additionally, a traditional dress Indian dupatta for girls elevates and graces any style of Desi clothing.

A dupatta is a piece of traditional dress clothing that can add glamour to your plain kurti by adding different styles and colorful clothing. A dupatta can give your Indian outfit a unique look, whether it is worn with a lehnga or a salwar suit.

India is a vibrant, multicultural country where each state has its own distinctive traditional dress and traditional dress dupatta.

So if you’re searching for a colourful, exquisitely patterned, and delightful Indian traditional dress dupatta for girls, Mad4India has compiled a list of the various styles! So, here is a list of dupattas every Indian girl must stack colourful, patterned, and embroidered in their wardrobe.

Phulkari Indian Traditional Dress Dupatta For Girls

Phulkari Indian Dupatta For Girls
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The Punjabi embroidery style known as phulkari translates to “flower work.”

Phulkaris are simple, sparsely embroidered Sodini (head scarves), dupattas, and shawls made for everyday wear. The embroidery is performed on rough, hand-woven cotton fabric using floss silk thread.

Traditionally, the phulkari traditional dress Indian dupatta for girls was designed and beaded on cotton fabric, but at present, the design pattern is done on other fabrics, such as chanderi or silk.

The traditional dress Indian classic, the Phulkari dupatta, can be best paired with a Patiala suit.

Bandhani Traditional Dress Indian Dupatta For Girls

Bandhani Indian Dupatta For Girls
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From the word “bandhan,” which means to tie up, comes the term “bandhani.” It is an old form of art that is mostly practised in Gujarat and Rajasthan. But the two are different in terms of colours and fashion.

Bandhani traditional dress Indian dupatta for girls are well-known for their tie-and-dye technique, which entails twisting, tying, and dying cotton and silk fabrics to create beautiful patterns. Natural colors, primarily yellow, blue, green, and black, are typically used by Bandhani. Each color has a special meaning.

Bandhani sarees and suits are also timeless fashions, in addition to bandhani dupattas. For the festive season, one can easily style it with a plain white or black kurta and accessorise it with tribal jewellery to look put-together.

Banarasi Traditional Dress Indian Dupatta For Girls

Banarasi Indian Dupatta For Girls
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The classic Indian dupatta, the Banarasi, was introduced by the Mughals in India and originated in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, where the intricate artwork was refined over time.

The shiny and soft Banarasi sarees are famous for their posey look. But, out of the many Indian classic dupattas, stacking a Banarasi traditional dress dupatta adds a dash of extravagance to any traditional salwar-kurti.

Banarasi traditional dress Indian dupatta for girls is notably famous for its fine silk, weaving, and brocade or zari made of silver and gold. Along with that, it comes in a variety of colours providing a versatile selection to choose from.

Chanderi Traditional Dress Indian Dupatta For Girls

Chanderi Indian Dupatta For Girls
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The term “Chanderi” originated during the Maratha Dynasty, when the chanderi fabric became popular in a small town in Madhya Pradesh known as “Chanderi.” At that time, Schnader sarees were a symbol for the royals and elite people.

The lustrous and luxurious fabric with beautiful hand-woven patterns is suitable for any occasion. This traditional dress Indian dupatta for girls appears to be one of the best dupattas to have in your wardrobe. The embroidery and color contrast makes it appealing to style with a salwar suit in a day— event to highlight the magnificent handloom designs.

Kalamkari Indian Dupatta For Girls

Kalamkari Indian Dupatta For Girls
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It is a must-have in any girl’s traditional dress wardrobe. The Kalamkari dupatta ties together the folktales of flowers and birds with its rich embroidery and other natural elements.

This classic traditional dress Indian dupatta for girls – kalamkari, originated in modern-day Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The term “Kalamkari,” which refers to a particular, intricate style of hand-painting or block-painting onto cloth, derives from the word “kalam,” which means pen.

Kalamkari dupattas can be paired with long skirts and indo-western dresses.

Gotta Patti Indian Dupatta For Girls

Gotta Patti Indian Dupatta For Girls
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On the bridal journey, the Gota Patti work has proven to be a success. Gota Patti or Gota-Kinari is an embroidery, that originated in the state of Rajasthan, India. The enticing small pieces of Zari, mostly in gold, silver, or copper, are sewn down to the fabric to get intricate designs.

The embellished, splendid floral pattern in the Gota Patti traditional dress Indian dupatta for girls is famously used in weddings and other grand events, and cultural events due to its dazzling and colorful work.

These cut shapes of gota are used to create patterns ranging from the very simple to the very intricate, including paisley, flowers, peacocks, elephants, and other animals on the fabric, giving it a clean and polished look for any event.

Kantha Embroidery Traditional Dress Indian Dupatta For Girls

Kantha Embroidery Indian Dupatta For Girls
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With its whimsical fabric and uneven stitching, Kantha embroidery is colourful and fun. Famous for its rich cultural roots, Kantha embroidery originated in West Bengal and Bangladesh.

The embroidery’s themes range from natural motifs and geometrical shapes in various colours to prints, paintings, and images of the Vedas.

The Kantha traditional dress Indian dupatta for girls has become popular in many states.

It works well for meetings, social engagements, and religious occasions.

Dupattas are essential traditional dress Indian garments that are inseparable from many Indian outfits like lehengas, salwar suits, and Indo-Western dresses.

It’s always a great idea to have different types of dupattas for different occasions, that can make you look beautiful. 

From the Phulkari and Chanderi dupattas to the Banaarsi traditional dress Indian dupatta for girls, it gives a classy and sophisticated look for grand Indian parties or weddings.

With many modern-touch dupattas, such as chiffon, velvet, or mirror-work, one can style their way and look enchanting.

The classic and traditional dress Indian dupatta for girls has embellished the looks and graceful of an Indian outfit on any occasion. Despite the fusion and modern trends, Indian women’s traditional clothing has stayed intact and Mad4India wishes to cover more of traditional Indian outfits stories.

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