Indian Currency Is A Reflection Of India And Its Mesmerizing Heritage- Top 7 Indian Monuments Printed On Indian Rupaiya

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Indian currency

We use the Indian currency like no other thing in everyday life. From “Kya bat hai kya cheez hai paisa” to “Paisa bolta hai” we know it all. We might not know that the Indian currency is way more than just a medium of exchange. The Indian currency notes are a reflection of our heritage.

Today’s article is an inside of the Indian currency, let’s make a checklist of the monuments printed on the Indian currency notes and visit them as and when we get a chance.

Who Issues The Indian Currency?

The Indian currency notes are issued by the Reserve bank of India under the RBI, Act 1934 whereas the Government is responsible for issuing the Indian coins under the Coinage act 2011.

Sun Temple, Konark, Odisha- 10 Rupaiya

The famed Konark Sun Temple in Odisha sits gracefully, glistening in the sunlight. It depicts the chariots of Surya, the Sun God of Indian mythology. It was constructed somewhere in the 13th century and is a model of superb construction. It is steered by a team of six horses, and its 24 wheels are embellished with symbolic patterns. The world is in awe of this UNSECO World Heritage site’s engineering skills. According to the traditions surrounding it, it took about 1200 artisans more than 12 years to complete.

 Here the language of stone surpasses the language of human

 Rabindranath Tagore.

Source- Wikipedia

Ellora caves, Maharastra – 20 Rupaiya

Ellora Caves is one of the best heritage sites in India because it is one of the largest rock-cut structures in the entire globe. There are about 34 caves here, and cave 16—also known as the Kailash Temple—is the biggest of them all. It is a two-story building with a stairway ascending to the top that dates to between 600 and 1000 AD.

Source- Wikipedia

The priceless group of 34 caves at Ellora in the Charanandri Hills of western India’s Maharashtra, as noted by the UNESCO heritage site, exhibits a spirit of coexistence and religious tolerance through the exceptional architectural activities carried out by adherents of three major religions: Buddhism, Brahmanism, and Jainism.

Did you know?

The Indian coin is a Limited legal tender. That means if you pay with coins the person has to accept it. He is legally bonded to do so but only up to a certain limit which is only up to 1000/- rupees. Above that, it depends on the salesman’s discretion to accept it or not.

Humpi Chariot From Vittala Temple, Karnataka- 50 Rupaiya

Hampi, which served as the Vijaynagar empire’s capital in 1500 AD, is rich in history. The second-largest metropolis in the world, Hampi offers a glimpse into the past of Southern India. There are over 500 monuments in the city that are waiting for all of its guests to be mesmerized by the magnificent structure they are. A lot of it has been reduced to ruins as a rite of passage but is still filled with stories.

Source- Wikipedia

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Rani Ki Vav, Gujarat- 100 Rupaiya

The new 100 rupees note has Rani ki Vav on the back. Gujarat’s Patan is home to the stepwell known as Rani ki Vav.

The beautiful building was built by Solanki Queen Udayamati in the eleventh century. As a memorial to her late spouse, King Bhimadeva, Queen Udayamati got constructed this building.

Source- Wikipedia

Numerous Parvati and Gauri sculptures in this stepwell depict widowed queens and their presence with their spouses in different regions. In addition, there are more than 700 mythical statues and sculptures.

Sanchi Stupa, Madhya Pradesh- 200 Rupaiya

In August 2017, this orange-colored coin with a value of 200 rupees made its debut. The Madhya Pradesh Sanchi Stupa is shown on this note. Buddhist architecture includes Sachi Stupa.

This was built somewhere in the second century BC. Emperor Ashoka is credited with building this monument, which is regarded as the oldest Buddhist sanctuary. This location served as India’s principal Buddhist center up until the 12th century.

Source- Wikipedia

This location is well known for its exquisitely carved torans. The elaborate carvings on these torans depict Jataka tales, which are stories from the life of the Buddha. UNESCO designated the Sanchi stupa as a World Heritage Site in 1989.

Red Fort, Delhi- 500 Rupaiya

Parts of Delhi’s Red Fort were depicted on the new currency. This building was constructed in the 17th century.

Qila-i-Mubarak, or Blessed Fort, was the previous name for Red Fort. On Independence Day, the nation’s prime minister raises the flag on this podium. Additionally, Red Fort is a World Heritage Site according to UNESCO.

This illustrates the priceless heritage, lovely sculptures, and exquisite designs created throughout time. These historic structures serve as the nation’s pride in front of the rest of the world.

Source- Wikipedia

Mangal yaan- 2000 Rupaiya

The largest denomination of the Indian Rupee is the Rs. 2000 note. Take a peek at this note’s reverse side. You’ll see that it features a Mangalyaan motif. This design honors the 2013 ISRO launch of India’s first interplanetary space mission.

The launch was a historical moment for the entire country when every citizen of India barless of their age was gazing their eyes on the television in full support. A moment of pride for every Indian as India’s Mission for Mars was at its most crucial condition.

Source- Wikipedia

What’s on the Indian currency is something so basic that we all should be aware of. So we feel it is of great help to all of us. Also, the budget for 2023-24 is out, and the country is thrilled to have a glance at it. See what’s new and what good is the budget plans for the common man.

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