This India’s Got Talent Fame Was Lost In The Fumes Of Time, But He Stuck With His Passion Of Dancing & Reinvented Himself As The Ghoomar King Of Rajasthan

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The team at MAD4INDIA has always worked hard to deliver our readers the most incredible content possible, and today we have brought you the tale of “THE MAN WHO DO THE GHOOMAR” This story is about passion, rejection, lost identity, but never giving up.

The protagonist of today’s tale is a Ghoomar dancer who loves to flaunt his skills & heritage. This is a story about success in the face of adversity. A man who triumphed on the most prestigious reality show in the country but wandered aimlessly without a job or a sense of direction after it. The protagonist of this tale takes the path less travelled but found his true purpose.

Expecting the Extraordinary From The Mundane

The most astonishing tales begin with the most mundane of lives. Ajit Singh Tanwar was just a regular youngster from a humble Rajput Rajasthani family belonging to a hamlet called Mawanda Kalan, Rajasthan.

A guy of his background was expected to work hard as his parents had done before him. His relatives all hoped that one day he earns himself a government job and have a family. Despite his academic success, this BTech grad was motivated by his own ambitions.

indias got talent
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The ups and downs of college life are something we all experience. Inspiring hope and a new generation’s desire to accomplish something different. Even Ajit had a dream that was out of the ordinary for him and his family. In his mind, the possibility of becoming a skilled dancer began to take shape when he was in college. Ajit found pleasure in moving to the beats of hip-hop songs. He started participating in various college events and started getting recognition for his mind-blowing moves.

It was also at this period that the craze for reality television shows peaked. Ajit, eager to try his luck as a performer, also entered an audition for the hit TV programme Dance India Dance 2.

Real life is seldom as simple or dramatic as films make it seem. The auditions made it clear to Ajit that achieving his goals would be difficult. He failed in the auditions, but even with failure the desire to one day perform on TV grew stronger.

ghoomar dance
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Chalti Ka Nam Zindagi

It’s challenging to face early-career rejection and an unsupportive family for your passion, but I believe that’s what makes the community of Articians in India so resilient. Ajit was unwavering in his convictions. Ajit had clear notions about how he wanted to live his life. He continued to feed his passion for dancing with the compliments he got even after his father disapproved of his career choice.

My father being a typical Indian parent wanted me to try my luck with books & join a reputed Government job. He was supportive of my growth but more protective & Dance was not something accepted as a career.

Dance India Dance 3’s success, though, gave him reason to be optimistic about the future. He made it to the Mega Auditions for the dancing reality show of his dreams, it was time for him to make his fantasies a reality.

However, these were the exact dates of his college exams. His parents have made it clear that they will not tolerate him sacrificing his education for a mindless reality programme that offers no guarantees of a successful career.

ghoomar dancer
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Yet with the hope of success and rebellion in his heart, Ajit decided to go for the Mega Audition but got rejected. This was a setback for him but not for his dreamer’s heart. By now it became very clear to him that if not dance nothing else will ever work for him. Like a lion, he took 2 steps back to attack with more strength.

He didn’t let anything get in the way of his dream of winning a dancing reality show, and two years later, he became a shining celebrity. India’s Got Talent’s semi-finalist, Ajit Singh Tanwar, wowed the world.

What More Can A Celebrity Ask For?

And here we think the story of this boy from Rajasthan gets a happy ending. but you know what NOT YET.

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Even after becoming the semi-finalist of one of the most famous shows. It seemed like destiny was expecting something else out of this young boy. Even with so much fame and success in India’s most beloved reality show, Ajit was left without a job in the city of dreams.

Jo dekhta hai wahi bikta hai or Mujhe kudko bechna nahi aaya. Even after being a TV fame and doing my 1st movie Tummad yet I could not succeed. I went to Calcutta to open my own dance academy. Planned to do shows in various contries but got betrayed by my partner. I was in debt and a loser in front of a mirror.

Ajit Singh

After trying his luck in Mumbai and Calcutta, Ajit returned to his native village in Rajasthan, heartbroken. People criticised and mocked him for spending his life on goshtly glitters of Mumbai and coming back home empty-handed, but one person who stood by him was his wife. His wife held his hand firm and insisted that he begin his dancing career afresh.

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Haar Ke Jeetne Wale Ko Hi Bazigar Khete Hian

He decided to try his luck one more time in his own land, Ajit opened a dancing academy in Jaipur. But for this artist worrier, life has been more of a warzone than just a battle. As soon as he started his academy the notorious corona came knocking. while he was still fighting his existing debts, all hopes for a clear future became cloudy once again.

That Is What A Family Is Suppose To Do

When the passion is right & the time is ripe you automatically find the right path. It was his sister who shared a choreography video of Ajit on her social media handle and the amount of love received on this video was unimaginable. People simply loved how gracefully this man performed the Ghoomar dance.

With the never-ending support of his wife and the newfound motivation from his sister, He decided to try his luck as a performer of ghoomar dance. From Being a hip-hop dancer he decided to recreate this identity with the traditional ghoomar dance.

ghoomar dance which state
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But try and imagine a man of age 35 showing off his latchak and grace on a Marwari song, absolutely unimaginable, Rajput men are always related to wars and big moustaches, and a Rajput man performing ghoomar is absolutely sick for anyone to accept.

Yet Ajit decided to change the unchangeable. He decided to show the world that art has no gender and passion is without limits.

As it’s said, the roots make a tree tall. Ajit decided to start with his roots, he decided to promote the heritage of Rajasthan with grace and skills.

Dressed in a dhooti and safa, Ajit recorded his first video. The video was shared on all his social media and in no time people started resharing his breathtaking performances, before he could realise he found his lost identity as a dancer back.
but this time not as any semi-finalist or a new-age dancer but as the winner of life and the flag bearer of a very admirable traditional dance form.

POPULARLY KNOWN AS – Ghoomar king “ajitbbp”

After years of struggle, he finally has a life where he can dance proudly. Despite years of unrelenting criticism and wreckage to his wings today Ajit Singh Tanmar is well known across the state of Rajasthan for his awe-inspiring breathtaking ghoomar dance performances.

ajit singh
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Not only he is famously known for his own dance but he is also a very popular hip-hop & kalbeliya dance teacher.
He takes online classes for many famous kalbeliya dancers in India and broad along with teaching the moves of hip-hop & ghoomar dance.

The path that Ajit has taken is still with bumps, many people criticise him because he performs a dance traditionally performed by women, and many stereotypical members of society try to break his spirit by shaming him for his career choices. However, Ajit has learned to tune out the naysayers and gives much credit to his wife & family for their unwavering support.

She has always been there for me, and her neverending encouragement and tireless efforts have kept me going. The support of my loved ones is what motivates me to succeed in life and i can never thank them enough.

Following in their father’s footsteps, Ajit’s two children have a strong connection to the ghoomar dance. His daughter’s Instagram profile is rather popular, with 50,000 followers. Find this soulful artist on his Instagram or youtube page and trust me you won’t leave the page before a good scrolling and dropping many likes because he is simply stunning.

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