Top 5 Books On Shiva Loved By Gen-Z That Will Redefine Your Faith And Spirituality

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books on shiva

Lord Shiva – fondly called BholeNath, Mahakaal, Pashupathinath,(protector of animals) Mahadev, Rudra, Mahesh, Neelkanth, and much more by the devotees. There are a total of 19 avatars of Lord Shiva and each symbol of Lord Shiva teaches us so much about life in general.

On this auspicious occasion of Mahashivratri, this is the best time to indulge in some spiritual activities and discover more about Lord Shiva- The Supreme God.

But, reading our holy scriptures about Gods and Goddesses is not a cakewalk; one needs to be well-versed in Sanskrit to be able to understand these vast shlokas and text.No worries people; we have got you covered.

There are so many books on Shiva that will teach you so much about our ancient history and spirituality and help you discover more about this beautiful Hindu culture. We at Mad4India have listed the top 5 books on Shiva for our amazing readers that will enhance your knowledge about larger than life personality of Lord Shiva.

The Shiva Trilogy By Amish Tripathi

books on shiva
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One of the most popular and widely loved books on Shiva. The Shiva trilogy consists of 3 books – The Immortals of Meluha, The Secrets of Nagas, and the Oath of the Vayuputras. Amish Tripathi is the most loved author – who writes by the Gods and Goddesses in particular and the way he writes connects and uses his imagination to hit the right chord with the Gen-Z.

These books on Shiva are fictional piece and doesn’t deal with Shivaism in general but they inspired the personality of Shiva. The way Amish Tripathi has written it and used his imagination is worth applauding.

In these books on Shiva, Shiva is an immigrant from Tibet, and his journey leads him to be this larger-than-life persona of Lord Shiva – seems so real that makes you believe that he is just like all of us. In further books on Shiva of this world-famous trilogy, Lord Shiva’s journey was more explored and you’ll truly why our Gods are our real heroes.

Well, this book is a must-read for everyone, just sit back and relax and delve deep into the world of Lord Shiva.

You can buy the set of these three books from Amazon.


Shiv: Stories And Teachings From The Shiv Mahapuran By Vanamali

books on Shiva
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The Shiv Mahapuran is considered the ultimate guide for all the books on Shiva which covers all the aspects of Lord Shiva. Vanamali is a very famous author who writes particularly about Gods and Goddesses – if you are an avid reader of the ancient Hindu Culture you can go on and explore more by books by her.

Books on Shiva are widely loved by readers all over the world. He is the epitome of strength, patience, and discipline. Among the youngsters, Lord Shiva has a different connection- he is the destroyer, the protector, he is niwasi of shamshan and he loves bhang while on the other hand, he is away from all the worldly objects – always in his dhyana mudra- Well it is hard to explain the larger than life persona of Lord Shiva in just one word.

You can buy this book from Amazon.

Shiv By Ashok Kumar

books on Shiva
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‘Apni bhasha mein ek alag apnapan hota h’.

If you love reading in Hindi this book is the right choice for all of you. This book has described Lord Shiva very well. This book had all the details about Lord Shiva which will increase your knowledge, faith, and trust in the deity.

You can buy this book from Amazon.

Shiva, The Lord Of Yoga By David Frawley

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There are many aspects of Lord Shiva that are still not explored. This book shows how much Lord Shiva is loved by people around the world. In books by Shiva, there are so many aspects that are detailed about him but, this book by Dr. David Frawley -particularly deals with how Lord Shiva personifies yoga, dhyana- mudra(meditation), asanas, leading a disciplined life, and much more. Lord Shiva is the ultimate yoga guru. This book will let you read about this particular aspect of our Bholenath which will definitely teach you and enlighten you so much in your life. So, grab your copies and indulge in this not so explored aspect of the deity.

You can buy this from Amazon.

The Love Story Of Lord Shiva & Goddess Shakti: A Tale Of Divine Love By Santosh Gairola

books on Shiva
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Every girl dreams of having a life partner like Lord Shiva. In Hindu culture, in many areas unmarried girls fast for solah -somvaar in saawan (monsoon)- which is an auspicious time; to get a husband like Lord Shiva. There are so many books on Shiva but none has dug deeper into the divine love story of Lord Shiva in general. This beautifully written book explores the love story Of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Their love story teaches us about trust, integrity, passion, and faith and is ideal for all of us.

The author has written in a very easy-to-understand manner. One should definitely read this book which depicts how Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti got separated but then again met and united with more love – as Shiva and Parvati. You can explore much about their beautiful love story in this book by Santosh Gairola.

You can buy this book from Amazon.

So, what are you waiting for guys, grab these books on Shiva and bring on your spiritual side and dive deeper into the vast and fantastic world of Lord Shiva.

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