Which Winter Skincare Tips & Healthcare Remedies To Follow In Polluted Chilly Winters In 2023?

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Winter Skincare Tips

Soon, our search history will be all about winter skincare tips, healthy hair remedies for winters and so on. November is here, and everybody is waiting for the chilly winter days. The hot and humid ones finally ended and the most-awaited season is right at our doorsteps. But it comes along with many skin and hair damages that none of us like.

Winter skincare tips
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But why not stay ahead of the time and be prepared with healthy hair secrets and winter skincare tips to follow? Mad4India has made the task easier and listed some beneficial winter skincare tips combined with all the hair protection ideas that will work wonders in the chilled season to come.

Why is it necessary to classify suitable hair remedies and winter skincare tips?

Everybody has different types of skin and hair and one universal technique can not be beneficial to all. It is mandatory to identify your type and do what is best for it. Long gone are the days when the whole family used one hair oil and one moisturizer. Nowadays the air quality index is quite bad and it can have adverse effects on our hair and skin.

Winter skincare tips
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So, the first step before shortlisting winter skincare tips and easy hair remedies, it is necessary to identify your skin and hair type. It is always said that the best treatment you get is only after identifying the real problem. We have listed some tips for everybody that can help protect your external beauty from damage in the cold days ahead.

Winter Skincare tips that are a must!

Be it oily, dry, or a combination, every skin type requires effort in all seasons to be acne-free. The chilly days ahead can cause serious skin infections, rashes, and allergies that can be prevented if treated beforehand. Follow these general winter skincare tips to enjoy glowing skin in winter.

1. Apply Sunscreen

Winter skincare tips
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All dermatologists give this advice on a top priority you should not skip sunscreen in any weather. The UV rays that penetrate the atmosphere can have a long-lasting impact by causing sunburn and itchiness. So, every time you look for winter skincare tips, the first option will be that you should not miss sunscreen.

2. Use Wet Wipes

Every time you step out in the smoggy weather during winter, dust and dirt collect on the T-Zone of your face. It might not be possible for you to wash your face but wet wipes are a convenient and easy alternative. You can wipe your face frequently with them and remove the harmful dirt from your face for healthy skin. So, next time before complaining about not finding appropriate winter skincare tips, check your bag that you have wet wipes or not.

3. Cleanse Properly

Winter Skincare tips
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Cleanse your face with a mild facewash whenever you reach home after a long day. Don’t go to bed with a dirty face because you might not realize but your skin needs a proper cleansing after a whole day. Amongst all the winter skincare tips, deep cleansing your face is the easiest and a must as well.

4. Exfoliate

All the above winter skincare tips are not enough if you do not exfoliate your skin at regular intervals. Chickpea flour mixed with milk or water is the best home remedy for proper exfoliation of your skin. Winters can accumulate several dirt particles around your nose.

5. Stay Hydrated & take a healthy diet

No winter skincare tips plan can work of you are not eating healthy. Water is an essential element for a clear skin in winter along with a balanced diet. You should take all the leafy vegetables and drink at lest 4 liters of water a day. It might be a difficult task during winter but it comes before every winter skincare tips.

All these tips were a generic guide which are doable winter skincare tips. To protect yourself from the polluted and harmful air in winter, you must be cautious enough to follow the above-mentioned winter skincare tips.

Haircare Solutions for healthy hair in polluted winters

Glowing skin with the help of minimal winter skincare tips is not enough. You need to have a good haircare routine as well because pollutants in the air can damage your hair. Frizzy hair is a common problem in winter so to save you from that, here are some haircare tips that everyone should follow.

1. Use a Scarf when outside

Winters and smog are a mandatory combination. It is always advisable to cover your hair with a scarf to protect it from damage and frizz.

2. Tie your hair in open areas

Winter skincare tips
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Hair damage is minimal when you tie your hair because the roots are protected. So, it is necessary to tie your hair in a bun and protect your roots from unnecessary damage.

3. Avoid Oiling your hair frequently

In winters, you must avoid leaving your home with oily hair because it soaks a lot of dirt from the environment which is not good for the hair. Oiling 3 hrs prior to the head wash is enough so avoid oiling during the normal days in winters.

4. Wash frequently

In summer, all of us prefer a head wash at least twice or thrice a week. But, in winter it is surely a tiring task. However, we should wash hair frequently as it is easily damaged in winter because of the low air quality index.

5. Use a hair mask

Winter skincare tips
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Home remedies are always preferable for hair as some chemicals might cause unknown damage. You can use coconut oil as a base for preparing any hair mask at home and apply it twice a week to refill the lost nutrients and naturally secreted oil in the scalp.

So, all these above-mentioned haircare tips and winter skincare tips are advised to stay ahead of the time and protect your natural beauty from damage by the harmful environment. The air quality index becomes the worst in winter because the pollutants in the air get mixed with fog and cause many diseases. Better is to avoid as many problems as we can and enjoy the cozy chilly winters without worrying about our hair and skin.

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