What To Do With The Waste After Diwali Celebration? Manage Flower Waste, Used Diyas’ And Everything Else Sustainably!

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Diwali Celebrations

The most exciting festive season is around the corner and every household must be occupied with all the deep cleaning and preparations. Diwali celebration is an exciting task but it is equally tiring as well. The next day after Diwali is a boring day with no zeal to work because we exhaust ourselves in the process of preparation. We are so tired that we do not think wisely about waste disposal at the moment and do whatever we think would be appropriate.

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This way, festivals generate tons of waste in India. To avoid this problematic situation in advance, mad4india brings a list of proper waste management tips and techniques to avoid creating unwanted mess. This way, you can manage your Diwali celebration just the way you want without harming the environment.

Diwali Celebration with effective waste management tips

1. Reuse Diwali Diyas

Diwali Celebration
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Diwali is a festival of vibrancy, joy, and light. A perfect Diwali celebration calls for so many diyas all around your place. Everybody is excited to decorate their homes with beautiful diyas all around but most of us forget to recollect them on the next day. Diyas used for Diwali celebrations can be reused after washing and washing properly in temples. So, the next time you decide to throw away old used diyas, think of giving them another chance!

2. Brown Gold from Dry flowers

A productive soil in India is considered as brown gold. Adding organic waste in plants can help them have a healthy growth and long life. Diwali is all about following interesting rituals and doing its preparations. Every household has a long list of flowers required on the D-day. But, they get dry after few hours and we have to throw them. Mad4India bought a creative way for you to utilize the dry flowers in an interesting manner.

Diwali Celebration
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You can convert them into organic compost by breaking them into small portions and mixing with some water. When the mixture is left for a few days, it turn into a good organic waste that is very helpful for the plant growth.

3. Reusable home decor

Decorating our house or workplace is the most exciting part about the Diwali celebrations. Thinking a new decor look for every year is a task as well. But to save the environment we can preserve our decor items and mix match them the next time for a new look instead of wasting money and buying something new every time.

4. Unexpected Gift Hampers

Every time somebody visits us during the festive season, we always expect gifts and sweets. At the end of Diwali, our homes are filled with gifts and boxed filled with sweets. But are we really able to finish all this?

Diwali Celebration
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Many-a-times eatables are overlooked and they rot in some corner or sometimes a gift is of no use so, it lies in a corner for years. It is better to re-gift such things to your house help or or any local shop vendor as it might be a waste for you but others will be so happy to receive unexpected gifts. This way you can manage your Diwali celebration without accumulating unwanted waste.

5. Dog Food from Rangoli

It might be crazy to hear but you can actually make healthy dog food from Rangoli waste. During our Diwali celebration, stray animals are also hungry and they must be starving as we become so busy in preparations that we forget completely to feed them.

Diwali Celebration
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If we use different colored flour as an alternative to the rangoli making colors, then after Diwali we can dispose our rangoli by collecting all the flour together. To convert it into a healthy food option for stray animals, you can filter the mixed flour and make fresh chapattis out of it. This way, you can manage Diwali celebration with beautiful rangoli and avoid unnecessary waste as well.

Festive season, especially Diwali celebration, is the most awaited season of the year and we tend to avoid small things in light of the biggest festival. But, we need to realize the alert call by our environment and manage waste in such a manner that it does not harm our mother earth. You can follow these easy tips during your Diwali celebration and make a good use of all the waste generated. Mad4India would love to know in the comments about how useful these tips were for you.

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