The Duo Of Friends, Creates The World’s First Eco-Friendly Tea Bag That Is Completely Plastic Free

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Plastic Pollution is a huge problem that has adverse consequences for all living beings and the environment. We often forget that the tea bags available in the market also contain plastic. Teabags contain up to 25 percent plastic. Each tea bag releases 11.6 million microplastics and 3.1 billion nano plastics approximately. The plastic released in every single cup of tea is harmful to human health. To deal with this problem, two friends, Upamanyu Borkakoty and Anshuman Bharali made eco-friendly tea bags.

The Idea of the Tea Business

Both the friends grew up in Sivasnagar and shifted to Delhi in search of jobs. The friends worked in their respective corporate jobs for four years. Unsatisfied with their work, they decided to move back to Assam and start a tea business. Tea is a delicacy that people all over India enjoy and savor daily. Additionally, Assam is one of the largest tea-producing regions in the world. Instantly, the duo knew that their business idea would be a success.

Eco-Friendly Tea Bag
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The Tea Leaf Theory

Upamanyu and Anshuman traveled to the northeast region. The duo found fifteen farmers who were interested in growing the finest tea. Each farmer is trained individually according to the soil and weather conditions of their land. The teabags from all the different farmers have a unique name. The teabags got named after the village they are producing them. The startup was named ‘The Tea Leaf Theory.’ Some of the villages that grow tea leaves for the startup are- Koliapani, Pareng, Mandal Gaon, and Latumoni.

Eco-Friendly Tea Bag
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Eco-Friendly Tea Bags

The duo launched eco-friendly plastic-free tea bags in 2016 under the name of the ‘Woolah brand.’ The teabags are known as ‘Truedips.’ The tea leaves are first tied with a naturally grown cotton string and then compressed into a cylindrical form. The tea bags help to prepare the tea within five minutes. Unbroken tea leaves are used as packaging material, and they reduce the bitterness of the tea. The teabags are reusable. It weighs around two grams.

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Upamanyu mentioned, ” It looks like conventional teabag but, it is better in numerous ways. The aroma, taste, and quality make it special. The consumers can expect a fresh and refreshing cup of tea.”

Eco-Friendly Tea Bag
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Advantages of Truedips

Another advantage of Truedip teabags is that they can be produced and manufactured at the very same location. Usually, tea leaves are plucked from the farm and then sent for packaging to another place. The whole process takes time. The teabags reach the consumers few weeks late. But the tea leaves for eco-friendly tea bags are plucked, compressed, and packed at the same location. It increases the shelf life of the Truedip tea bags.

Eco-Friendly Tea Bag
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Variety of Tea Bags Offered

The teabags come in varieties of flavors like- Filthy green, Filthy White, Killer Immunity, Dirty Detox, and Brutal Combo. Each type costs rupees 480 and contains 16 Truedips. The larger pack comes with 28 Truedips and costs rupees 680.

Eco-Friendly Tea Bag
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Employment, Environment and People

The farmers also earn an income of up to 6000 rupees. Each farmer produces up to 400-700 kilograms of tea each year. The initiative is employing various people. Women who make eco-friendly tea bags got jobs from the startup. Additionally, tea bags are beneficial for human health and protect the environment from plastic pollution.

Eco-Friendly Tea Bag
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To know more about The Tea Leaf Theory, please check- Website, Facebook and Instagram.

To know more about Upamanyu Borkakoty, please check- Facebook and LinkedIn.

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