Tushar Lall – A remarkable journey of an Indian boy to bring about a revolution in Indian classical music

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Tushar Lall

Tushar Lall’s remarkable journey of bringing about a change in how people listen to classical music and make it more appealing for teenagers is indeed a motivational story and he is a motivation for teenagers like us who are the future of society. Through music, he has been able to cure someone’s daughter as confessed by the girl’s mother. So what’s all the waiting for? Let me take you through his beautiful and remarkable journey and appreciate the work he’s doing.

Founder’s Background

Before the beginning of making his journey a remarkable one, Tushar Lall was a student of Jai Hind’s College in Mumbai where he pursued a diploma in music production. He then left for DubSpot in New York at the age of 17 to pursue a course on sound design, mixing and mastering. In the initial stages, Tushar revealed that his parents did not know how to react to their son’s decision, and supporting them he also said that they are not to be blamed at all.

Tushar Lall
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He said that he understood the fact that they came from a different background. He came from a family of bureaucrats where he had no connection with music but his great grandfather was a multi-instrumentalist. Tushar was not formally trained but he made his way to the piano when he was only 4 years old.

Tushar Lall
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The Indian Jam Project – The Beginning

The thought of creating such remarkable fusion music came to him while he was pursuing his diploma course and spending time around classical musicians at the college. After he returned to Mumbai, the first video of him and his friends was the cover of Game of Thrones which he had put uploaded on his YouTube channel. They did not have a name back then. The name The Indian Jam Project came up when the composer of BBC’s Sherlock theme, Michael Price shared their cover video as Indian Jam on Sherlock. Though he felt that the name wasn’t the best and he could have come up with something better, he accepted it as a name that sorts things out.

Tushar Lall
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The Indian Jam Project – Introduction

Tushar Lall shoulders the responsibilities of being a founder, producer, and composer of the Indian Jam Project. He has made several Indian adaptations of western songs of Coldplay, Game of Thrones, Titanic, Mission Impossible, and several others. Not just that, this band has also joined hands with Imagine Dragons to create an Indian classical version of Believers which crossed more than 7.5 million views.

Tushar Lall
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Tushar said that when he started looking around, Gautam Buddha was the first thing that crossed his mind. He renounced a lot of things to seek spiritualism. His first step was made with Sifar, not a song but an orchestral piece. The idea of Sifar came to him in 2016 when he was a part of the YouTube FanFest and got singers Tajinder Singh, Shatadru Kabir, and Mame Khan to give life to the piece of melody. He kept the best for the last as it was his final decision to include the Budapest Art Orchestra and make his original grand and also stay true to its ideology.

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The success story – Our motivation                         

The music of the Indian Jam Project has been appreciated by Michael price, Mark Gatiss, Clint Mansell among others. Tushar and his team have traveled to various places for concerts and performed at events like TedX, YouTube FanFest, IITs, IIMs, Private Gigs, and corporate events. One of the several reasons why he’s a motivation for us is that he’s one of the youngest YouTubers who has been awarded the Dadasaheb Phalke Award in Digital Space in 2019.

Tushar Lall
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To know more about Tushar Lall, please check – YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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