Bhungroo: An initiative to help solve farmers water problem along with making women financially independent

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In 21st century India, it is customary to see feminist movements in big cities. But somehow these initiatives have not seen the face of the rural parts of India. With the girls always being pulled out of school because of financial or security reasons, it had become very difficult to make sure that the women in the rural areas are not only empowered but also educated.

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Along with the jeopardized state of women of rural India, the agricultural market has also been down in the dumps now and then. Farmers are often stressed about not having enough yield, and mostly about the crops getting ruined because of some calamity.

This was until Trupti Jain and Biplab Paul started their service Bhungroo, which is to curb both the feminist and the agricultural problems of the new India.

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Beginning Of Bhungroo   

Trupti Jain is an expert in engineering, sustainable development, and a feminist. Biplab Paul is a technologist, a web developer and an Ashokan fellow. Both of them started their start-up with Naireeta Services Private Limited (NSPL). They launched their agriculture service known as Bhungroo.

Bhungroo which means straw or a hollow pipe in Gujrati is a rainwater harvesting technology that prevents farmers from the drastic effects of drought in times of water level depletion.

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Every year the agricultural farmlands in India are affected by seasonal water logging, which can cost small farmers food security. NSPL with its service Bhungroo brings a solution to these problems.

Bhungroo’s technology helps filter, inject and store waters from rain. Thus the water does not destroy the farm fields. In fact, it helps in increasing groundwater level.

What is NSPL?

NSPL is a social enterprise, established in 2011 in Ahemdabad, Gujrat, with a mission to increase agricultural yield and empower women in agriculture. Ever since then they have managed to increase the annual agricultural income by $1.5 Billion.

However, this is not their only accomplishment, they have also equipped 1,000 women with the knowledge of agriculture and irrigation. This helps them earn a livelihood as agricultural and irrigational consultants.

Women Climate Leaders (WCL)

Besides being a source of livelihood for rural women, NSPL also provides rural women with opportunities for career growth. Women Climate Leaders (WCL) are trained women farmers who provide fee-based agricultural advice to small farmers.

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As of now, they have trained 21 women in this field. This knowledge-based field allows them not only to work in agricultural farmlands but expand their expertise in the matter of decision-making with the government.

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Bhungroo’s Contribution

Apart from helping farmers with their lands, Bhungroo also contributed to breaking free the poor farmer who migrated to cities in search of jobs by providing them with proper help and support. As a result, they have reacquired their lands, the very first-time post-independence.

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More than 2,00,000 farmers and their family members are provided food security in case the crops go bad or they do not make enough money in the market. The income generation of farmers has been improved and each family member can buy at least one cow, which leads to an extra earning in the family.

They have transformed the community members from agricultural laborers into cultivators. The children of these farmers can also complete their education, especially the girl child of the family, because of a better and stable family income.

Inspiring Women Empowerment

Bhungroo is another splendid example of women empowerment and feminist movements in India. This also shows how the potential of women can be brought to its full bloom if we give them equal and fair opportunities as men.

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This also shows how the farmers in India, if provided with proper guidance, can move towards more sustainable methods of farming without compromising on the yields. This is the actual face of India and the new age it is stepping into.

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To know more about Bhungroo, please check – Website, Facebook, Youtube.

To know more about Biplab Paul, please check – Twitter.

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