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Popatbhai Foundation – Rehabilitating The Beggars By Giving Them Home, Work And A New Life

Every day we pass by a lot of people on the road who have no place to sleep, no proper food to eat and...
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Bhagavad Gita Changed Dr Vivek Bindra’s Life, He Is Now India’s Top Motivational Speaker

“When you face failures, don’t change your goal, change your strategy!” —  Dr Vivek Bindra Dr Vivek Bindra is the man behind a lot of successfully...
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‘Gandhi Of Grain’ – Vandana Shiva, Environmentalist Who’s Working To Make Our Food Chemical-free

Vandana Shiva has devoted her life to issues like women’s empowerment, the environment, anti-globalization, and making our food chemical-free. She has written more than...
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Story Of Pullela Gopichand, Drona Of Badminton and Winner Of The Thomas Cup Who Had To Mortgage His House For His Academy

Pullela Gopichand is now a household name in India, he is now known as the Dronacharya of Indian Badminton. But to reach the epitome...
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Couple Left Business In the US To Help Stray Animals In Himachal, Peepal Farm – A Boon For Animals

While most people work hard to get a job or business setup in western countries, there are some who look for a life of...
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Proud Moment For The Country, Indian Chess Prodigy Praggnanandhaa Defeats World No.1 Magnus Carlsen

Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa, The prodigy who recently defeated the world champion Magnus Carlsen reminds us that no matter what your age might be all you...
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This Chennai Boy Ashok Elluswamy Was Recruited By A Social Media Post And Is The Head of Elon Musk’s Autopilot Team

Ashok Elluswamy was the first employee to be hired by Elon Musk for his Autopilot team in his electric vehicle company; also Ashok is...
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